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Fashionista NOW: Wearable Military Style Fashion Inspiration

Military-inspired fashion is all about capturing the essence of designs associated with military clothing worn by warriors and soldiers of the ancient and the modern world. In 2010, we have seen the remix between military and warrior elements which produced the edgy futuristic warrior fashion.

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Fashionista NOW: Back To Basics – Stylizing Classic Blue Denim Trend

Classic blue denim is a fashion staple of a majority of people so much so that it has become a part of a that ultra laid-back basic thing that you whip out when you’re too lazy to dress up. Learn how to make your blue denim look stand out.

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Fashionista NOW: Get Flirtatious With The Ruffles Fashion Trend

Let ruffles and frills add femininity and playfulness to your outfit this sunny season.

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Fashionista NOW: How To Color Block With Soft Pastel Colors?

Pastel color-blocking is a hot trend at the moment and it’s easy to see why. These soft shades do really blend in easily well when organized in an ensemble. The lines between pieces are less harsh as compared to when one color-blocks using brilliant/bold colors. In any case, if you’re into color-blocking, you may just love this one too.

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Fashionista NOW: Casual Fashion Ideas For Ladies Who Love Wearing Pants

There are days that are made for wearing pants/jeans and looking your casual best. And this post is for you ladies who embrace style and comfort with equal passion.

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Fashionista NOW: For The Love Of Sweet Candy Colors In Fashion

Candy colors are fashionable this year. Just look at the sweet sea of pastels and candy-hued clothing pieces that are decorating the local boutiques and you’ll know what I mean.

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Fashionista NOW: Paisley Prints In Fashion 2012

Are you ready to welcome paisley back into your wardrobe this year? The paisley fashion trend is making a bold return this year with a modern twist. Read on for a heads-up on its history and its gradual ascend to contemporary fashion.

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Fashionista NOW: Prints Fashion Trend 2012 – How To Wear Graphic Skirts?

This year, the fashion scene is chock-full of prints and patterns to the point that it becomes a challenge not to spot printed pieces being showcased everywhere from your best friend’s closet, local boutiques to high-end clothing stores.

If you are stuck in a fashion rut and wish to update your style with graphic printed skirts, please read on.

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Fashionista NOW: The Color Trend – Shades Of Green In Fashion

Fashion that is green-color themed is part of the glorious color trend that can be worn by itself or paired with other opposing solid colors if you fancy yourself some color blocking fun.

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Fashionista NOW: History Of Stripes And Today’s Modern Colored Stripes Fashion Trend

Stripes are easy to spot in fashion these days and the trend is worn without a shred of concern that it’s quite hard to imagine that clothing with stripes was once the subject of debate and ridicule and even banned a few hundred years ago.

Read on to familiarize yourself with the background history of stripes and get inspired by modern colored stripes.

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Fashionista NOW: Welcome Dreamy Watercolor Prints In Fashion

Watercolor prints are inspired by art and they’re all about soft blurry edges with a deliberate mix of colors interplaying with one another in abstract patterns or floral arrangements. Read on to find out how you can wear the watercolor-inspired prints stylishly.

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Fashionista NOW: Studded Fashion Trend – Get A Sprinkle Of Studs In Your Daily Wear

Studs have been always been in fashion for those who love them but since they’re easily associated with music-blaring world-hating youth, it’s understandable that reasonable-minded folks may feel unsure about rocking them.

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