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Fashionista NOW: Quirky Rabbit Prints Fashion Inspiration

Animal prints need not be leopard of zebra all the time. Pick tamer ones like rabbit prints for a quirky look that is adorable than out-there foxy.

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Fashionista NOW: Ladies In Hoodies ~ YOLO Fashion Trend

YOLO! I mean you only live once right? If there’s a piece of clothing that lives and breathes this YOLO meme to the core, it has got to be the hoodie.

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Fashionista NOW: Get Inked Out With Tattoo Tights/Leggings

Tattoos on your leggings? Really? Fans of faux and real tats, you’re going to love this micro trend. Hard core inked up ladies/blokes may hate it though, so please ex out of this window if you’re one of them.

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Fashionista NOW: Modern Grunge Fashion Trend ~ The Way To Raggedy Glam

Are you bored of predictable sleek and shiny trends? Do you want to look like you just don’t give a toss and still exude some sort of effortless I-so-rock vibe a la Johnny Depp? You need modern grunge, darling.

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Fashionista NOW: Emerald Green ~ The Color Trend For 2013

Pantone, the global authority on color has bestowed upon emerald green the right to be hyped up as the color of the year.

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Fashionista NOW: Dresses To Party In For The Count Down To 2013

The eve of the New Year’s around the corner and you’re wondering what to wear for the count-down party.

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Fashionista NOW: Taking It One Print Style At A Time

Prints have always been a thing in fashion. Clothes would be a monochromatic bore if they don’t carry some interesting patterns.

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Fashionista NOW: Little Black Party Dress Inspirations For New Year’s Eve

Celebrating the eve of a new year in stylish LBDs is the safe way to go if you’ve no time or patience for elaborate Gaga-esque outfit-planning.

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Fashionista NOW: Comfort In Style ~ Chic In A Jumper

Jumpers, at this time of the year come in the most radiant variety that if you’re looking at the right places, you will find that they may as well be the new stylish garment perfect for the season.

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Fashionista NOW: Fashion Ideas For Christmas ~ Glittery Sequins

Christmas is just about to pop around the corner and there’s that festive holiday mood seeping into the air that you’re breathing. If you’re a warm blooded female with a penchant for standing out in glitz as you celebrate Christmas, you’re going to need something totally sequintastic naturally.

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Fashionista NOW: The Footwear Trend ~ Creeper Shoes

Creepers are creeping onto youth’s collective feet – I’m talking about the shoe trend that the young and trendy have been quite obsessed about lately.

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Fashionista NOW: How To Look Sweet In Pleats?

While denim-and-tees make for today’s most contemporary fashion, a flash of sweet wispy pleats that passes us by will have us transfixed for being so out of the box.

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