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Fashionista NOW: 10 Brilliant Ways To Wear Orange Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Alulu

Orange can be tough to wear as it has such an in-your-face color. Learn how to inject the right dosage of orange into your outfit this season.

The say orange is the new black but I find that’s a bit of a reach. Orange, unlike black is never going to be a reliable all-year-round go-to. It’s a showstopping color to wear on its own from head to toe. It’s a terribly hot color to don when it’s blistering hot out but obviously, that’s just my personal opinion.

Orange as an accent or pops of color in an outfit is much preferred as there will be another color (or neutrals) to anchor its vibrancy down a little bit.

Pair it with subdued colors or go all out with other bright high-energy hues should you have the mood for it as the choice is ultimately yours. A few days ago, I found myself throwing a bright orange cardigan with black polka dots over a red paisley print tank and my choice of pants was rendered in marsala red.

As we were headed to an Indian feast for the night, my sister commented that my outfit had such a curry theme and proceeded to call me curry. This tickled me to no end as I realized that the orange cardigan had such a turmeric vibe and the pants were in the color of a chicken curry powder mixed in with some red chillies.

Anyhow, although the bright-on-bright colors are not the usual instant daily go-to for me, I find that there is a time when your mood should have all the space to dictate your style decisions for the day.

My curry-themed outfit aside, find out how you can work orange into your outfit this season with the help of the fashion-savvy below.

How To Inject The Right Dosage Of Orange Into Your Wardrobe:

An Orange Purse

| Elvira Vedelago

An Orange Statement Necklace

| Chennie Montero

An Orange Mini Skirt

| Lucy Rance

A Pair Of Culotte-Like Orange Gauchos

| Elizabeth Keene

A Slouchy Orange Sweater


A Structured Orange Blazer

| Larisa Costea

A Pair Of Orange Flared Pants

| Mizuho K.

A Music-Festival-Ready Orange Fringe Skirt

| Gizele Oliveira

An Orange Knit + A Purse

| Imvely Imjihyun

Which orange-accented outfit is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

“It’s too easy to say that orange is happy and black is sad. To me, black is perfect. You can fill it with the emotion you want to express.”Ann Demeulemeester

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