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Fashionista NOW: Outfits To Wear With 90s Style Tattoo Choker Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Amanda Runde

Chokers, the kind that mimic tattoos decorating the neck are having a moment. Wonder what kind out outfit can you wear with tattoo chokers? Let’s find out.

Growing up in the 90s entailed living through the moment when choker necklaces sprouted back into the scene and not having a clue it was happening because I just never quite got the fashion thing at that age. It was pre-internet (for me) and watching music videos on TV was the next best thing to hoarding posters of the Backstreet Boys and plastering them on the wall(hey, don’t judge!).

Anyway, I don’t remember if I had owned any specific tattoo style choker but the only one I still have in my very small collection of old gems is a beaded choker that is a little loose for my neck, but that’s okay as I can wear it as a bracelet.

I generally do not like wearing necklaces (for a long stretch of time) as I can’t stand the feeling of having my neck-to-chest area weighed down by anything (the same thing can be said about my ears, apparently) and thus, chokers remain to be one of those things I prefer seeing on other people instead.

My sister, on the other hand, is an avid fan of them and I’m about to surprise her with a choker set I just ordered which consists of a tattoo necklace, ring and bracelet. I cannot wait to share with you how they’d look on her.

Question: Is the tattoo choker made to look good on everyone? I’d keep it raw and honest: Some necks aren’t just meant for this tight-fitting neck-hugging accessory. If you have a short neck, it will give an illusion of an even shorter neck and I don’t think that’s the kind of illusion anyone would want.

Another thing to note is that some tattoo chokers may cause neck rashes if you have a particularly sensitive skin. Wearing a pinchy choker causes your neck to suffer and if worn on a hot and humid day, be prepared for some very real tattoo courtesy of Mr Sun.

The cons about tattoo chokers aside, some people can really pull off the tattoo choker look and it’s not just limited to the sort of dark 90s grungy outfits but also other modern outfit iterations too.

Outfits To Wear When You Wear Tattoo Chokers:

| Ashley Laderer

| Michelle Colin

| Kaicee E.

| Amy Valentine

| Nina Plavnik

| Camilla Marques

| Dewi Purnama

| Haylee T.

SHOP This STURDY Black Tattoo Choker That Hugs Your Neck Just Right & Doesn’t Break On You.

Do you wear tattoo chokers? Which outfit(s) do you like the best here? Share your thoughts below – I love reading them!

“I think, with suits and clothes, if you keep them long enough, they all come back in fashion.”Rod Stewart

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