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Home » FASHIONISTA NOW » Fashionista NOW: Handmade Stud Earrings By AHoleyMoleyLyfe Review Jewelry Inspiration

Fashionista NOW: Handmade Stud Earrings By AHoleyMoleyLyfe Review Jewelry Inspiration

Handmade Stud Earrings By AHoleyMoleyLyfe Review Jewelry Inspiration

My review of AHoleyMoleyLyfe’s triangle earrings and a bit about my sensitive ears.

Let’s get up close and personal about the kind of earrings that my ears like and loathe when it comes to the matter ear bling.

Ear lobes that love studs!

I have huge ear lobes that are great for wearing studs but due to my ears’ sensitivity to nickel and lead, I can’t just go ahead and get any pair of earrings without checking to see they are free of those two elements. It’s also the reason I only wear my old gold hoop earrings, a family heirloom of sort.

When I wrote about the turquoise color trend in jewelry featuring jewelry makers from Etsy, I received a sweet email from Tori Stamps who specializes in the crafting of stud earrings whose beautiful turquoise triangle earrings I featured on the post. She offered to send me the lovely earrings as a gesture of gratitude, which I was too excited to receive and that I did, just a day ago.

Back to my ears: they have love for simple ear jewelry. I can’t be bothered with dangling ones and heavy earrings that drag my lobes down they can give me headaches.

Weightless awesomeness

When I tried the earrings on, I was and (still is) delightfully surprised at how extremely lightweight they are and how they comfortably sit (more like hug) my ear lobes without causing any discomfort –  I initially thought the pointy bits of the triangle might easily be pokey, but they’re not!

Another awesome thing about the earrings that my ears are very grateful for is they feel so weightless, it’s like I’m not even wearing anything. For my sensitive ears, this is a huge plus! Another very vital plus? The triangle studs are attached to posts that are free of nickel and lead too! Since I’ve been wearing them for more than 6 hours, I am happy to report there is no such itchy watery grossness that is associated with my ears throwing a tantrum over the metal. Thank goodness! Thank you, Tori!

If you’ve been following me on my jewelry posts, you will know that when it comes to earrings, I will wear them for the longest time IF my ears accept them. The turquoise triangle earrings from AHoleyMoleyLyfe, Tori’s Etsy shop have been officially accepted by my ears and they will not be removed for quite some time. As I am always wearing my tiny hoop gold earrings, I’m happy to give them a break they need.

For a look at some pictures of myself wearing the lovely triangle earrings:



**Pictures taken from the phone, excuse the quality, please.

For a peek at some pretty stud earrings handmade with love from Tori, scroll away!


| brass gold heart-shaped earrings


| color-changing mood stud earrings


| fire opal earrings


| gray jade stud earrings


| hammered brass crescent moon earrings


| minimalist brass gold triangle earrings

Ladies, if you’re a fan of affordable stud earrings made with the comfort of a sensitive ears that are fond of lightweight earrings in mind, I would like to personally recommend you to satisfy your ears’ cravings for stud earrings with AHoleyMoleyLyfe. Not only will you find minimalist stud earrings in the shapes of hexagon, sphere and my latest favorite, the triangle, there are other fun, bold statement-making stud earring styles too: rasta earrings, galaxy earrings, animal print earrings and tribal print earrings, to name a few!

Follow AHoleyMoleyLyfe here: Facebook | Twitter | ETSY | Instagram

Do you have sensitive ears like me? What style of ear jewelry do you go for? Share below – I’d love to know!

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