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Fashionista NOW: 10 Pretty Peplum Dresses To Wear Fashion Inspiration

10 Pretty Peplum Dresses To Wear Fashion Inspiration

Love peplums but loathe the fuss involved with coordinating the perfect bottom to go with your peplum top? Consider peplum dresses.

Some people are so over peplums while others find the waist overskirt on tops something a child would wear. When I first wrote of the peplum fashion trend, I confessed I was quite taken in by the strategic waistline flare and saw no reason to loathe a design that shows off the smallest bit of your waist and accentuates the hip.

Tops with peplums had a level of charm I equated easily with the fashion of the olden era, when the likes of Saloma and Marilyn Monroe influenced women’s style choices.

The liking turned into a plateau when I started to realize the styling considerations involved when wearing peplum tops. It is most crucial to pair them with the right pants or skirts. Tops with shorter peplums inevitably highlight the waist-to-hip area zoning onto the wrinkles or bunches in the fabric of your pants or skirts. Skirts of the narrow kind are often better suited for the peplum top style as we are too clever enough for a look that appears bottom-heavy.

To eliminate all the fuss that is involved with choosing the perfect bottom for your peplum top, I find the answer in the peplum dress or a peplum top and skirt set. Combining the peplum style on top with a built-in skirt, dressing time is delightfully shortened. Granted, you must be a lover of dresses or are willing to stretch your fashion horizon.

10 Peplum Dresses To Wear To Incite A Flurry Of Attention Around Your Hips* (quoting Hal Rubenstein, here!)


ZALORA | black lace peplum dress ← SHOP HERE


Jean Lauie | black sweetheart peplum dress ← SHOP HERE


Sophialuv | halter neck black peplum dress ← SHOP HERE


Sophialuv | halter neck blue peplum dress ← SHOP HERE


Thescarletroom | janice black peplum dress ← SHOP HERE


Moonriver | patterned sleeveless peplum dress ← SHOP HERE


Material Girl | striped mesh peplum dress ← SHOP HERE


Moonriver | turquoise front lace peplum dress ← SHOP HERE


The Closet Lover | black floral peplum top (and matching skirt) ← SHOP HERE


The Closet Lover | pink floral peplum top (and matching skirt) ← SHOP HERE

SHOP These Peplum Frocks?

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Which of the dresses would you fancy wearing? Are peplums so your thing or are you quite over them? Share your thoughts below – you know I love reading them!

“Not one person I know isn’t concerned with their appearance. To trivialize fashion is to rob ourselves of a great tool.”Stacy London

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