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Fashionista NOW: 2012 Trend Alert – Peplum Fashion In The Spotlight

Peplum trend is back in the fashion spotlight this year and if you’re on the look out for a back-in-trend style, stay on to find out if the peplum is your cup of tea.

What is peplum? Honestly, I thought it was a silly word combo of peptic acid and plum, if I didn’t know that it was fashion-related.

Further research aided by Mr Google reveals that peplum originates in the Greek word for tunic and may also refer to veil, peplos (women’s garment in ancient Greece), a genre of Italian films known as Sword and Sandal or a short overskirt that usually is attached to a fitted jacket, blouse or dress.

Common sense will discard the Italian film reference and stick with the overskirt that accompanies fitted blouses, jackets, skirts or dresses.

Now let us go through some of the peplum styles rocked by young fashionistas below and get an idea on how to sport the peplum and look amazing in it.

Here’s what InStyle fashion director Hal Rubenstein had to say about the fit-flare style:

“It has the power to minimize your waist but achieves it by inciting a flurry of attention around your hips. This little flourish is worth the risk if it winds up accentuating something positive.”

In other words, if you have a skinny posterior, this style may give an illusion of some meat on your rear end. Ladies with well-endowed posterior should avoid the peplum if you’re not keen on accentuating your end too much.

The peplum skirt is a nice statement piece to add to your professional look. If you’re working in a very corporate-esque office setting, the peplum is a style worth investing as it ultimately allows you to appear stylish while at work in a way that a normal skirt will never be able to do.

Jamie C. has a budding romance with the peplum skirt as it appeals to her fashion sense and those French tip heels sure are the perfect finish to the fresh floral-themed get-up.

A quick way to add a bit of sass to your outfit is to introduce a peplum top. Color-block your way to a look that defines your mood at the moment and you’ll see how with a statement piece like that and a mix of color to match, you can experience a refreshing so-called fashion lift.

The fact that you can dress this style down is another thing that makes the peplum an epitome of an all-in-one trend that can be made to appear casual by incorporating casual pieces such as a plain white v-neck top, sheer polka dot socks and a pair of oxford heels.

Tiffany Ann is looking mighty chic too, if I may add.

Are you excited to try the peplum this year? In case you’re looking for more fun and modern peplum styles, here are some designs that I find very visually-appealing and modern for 2012. I hope these will inspire you too.

What do you think of the fit-flare trend? Do you think it will flaunt your figure in the right places? Shoot a comment below.

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