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Fashionista NOW: Heel Fanatics – Are You Obsessed With The Lita Shoe Trend?

Lita shoes are eye-catching and that is an understatement of the day as the trendiest, most celebrated heels in the virtual fashion world is probably taking over mother earth and probably Uranus. Read on and be acquainted with these show-stopping beauties.

My first encounter with the toe-curling magnificence of the lita shoes took place online while style-stalking fashionable ladies on lookbook. I thought they looked so chunky that they could be the most highly creative lethal fashion item ever created by man.

Kidding aside, and after much exposure of seeing them on spindly legs of fashionistas all over the world through said online interphase (nerd alert), it made me mildly curious if it is a trend that’s catching the hearts of our local stylish girls here. To be honest, I’ve never seen them worn by anyone here, yet. Have you?

Below are a few photos of lookbook fashion lovers rocking the popular Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita shoes. These shoes are not meant for the light-hearted as well as the height-phobic as they are attention-grabbing and will spring you up at least 5 inches above your usual height.

And we shall not ever mention about that particular nagging discomfort the feet must be put through because our collective brains have quietly accepted that beauty is indeed pain.

And let’s not argue about everyone’s interpretation of beauty when lita shoes are concerned, shall we?

These shoes are huge and they make me think shoes worn by clowns but in a much positive light because wearing them allows gals to kill two birds with one stone – They make them appear trendy and not to be messed around with. One knock on the head may trigger amnesia. Just kidding!

These distressed brown lita platforms are a fashion staple for those mad, literally mad about shoes. But, how do you even walk in these? I know some of you will never step out of the house without stepping into some ultra-high heels, but these are 5 inches madness! How do you not trip and fall down into the drain?

I must confess that my feet have never had a chance to snuggle themselves into the nooks and crannies of these funky shoes but they sure are a great statement piece for fantastic fashion photography.

I don’t think I’ll personally ever rock the lita heels because they’re too in-your-face for my liking. I wobble even when walking in slippers. It will only be a sad death sentence should I ever attempt to walk in these. I’m not being dramatic, really!

I could do with wearing these without the ultra-elevated heels and platform but I can also see how some of you may love the added bonus of appearing taller and leggier. But how wearable are these for daily practical usage?

Research on the Lita trend reveals that they come in such a wide variety of designs, textures and colors that you will be spoiled for choice. And some reviewers confessed that the Litas are surprisingly easy to walk in! Now that is a shocker.

Crazy about shiny studs sticking on just about any surface of your clothing? The Lita shoes carry them too if you pick the right pair.

They come loaded with glitters too and ain’t that just perfect for you glittery types!

As much as they add height, when worn with a dress that falls below the knee, these chunky shoes can make your legs appear shorter. I think they’re best worn with skinny jeans, jeggings, leggings, flared jeans, short shorts, dresses or skirts with above-the-knee hemlines.

So, have you fallen in love with the Litas? Or do you feel that they’re just too glamorous, too heel-y, too chunky for your taste? Shoot your comments below.

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