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Fashionista NOW: Let The Shoes Speak For You

With all the fuss and buzz the face and the hair and the clothes are being put through in terms of style and beauty, shoes can sometimes fall bottom on the priority list and are given the least attention. And that’s a real shame, because your shoes can make a bold fashion statement. They can be a reflection of the wearer’s attitude and personality.

Have you been giving your shoe selections a check-out lately? If you haven’t, now it’s the time.

Let’s stroll down for some fashionable feet candies and learn how loud a fashion statement a pair of tastefully selected shoes can make.

Jeweled Sandals

These jewelled sandals are hot and if you’re into studs and rhinestones, this one is for you. There’s an aura of fun and confidence that these kicks exude and I believe that they can be incorporated into a rockstar, emo, punk and even gothic styles. At the same time, a laidback outfit can be spiced up with this shoe style. I just adore them!

Brown Sandals/Heels

This type of sandals are great for the practical yet feminine lady. Sandals or shoes in brown denote a natural soft feel that is suitable for just about anyone who loves to blend in with the crowd. Always make sure that you’ve given your feet much love by keeping them soft and moisturized before putting on any open-toe/heels type of shoes, though.

Unless, a dried up cracking feet skin is a part of your whole look. Paint or leave your toe nails alone, but keep them clean. No good sandals are ever going to cover up for a lack of hygiene, yes?

Black Shoes/Heels

All black shoes/sandals/stilettos have one thing in common. Yes, they’re all black in color you genius. The other common element is the ease for blending with any type of outfit. If you want to play it safe, black shoes it is. If you want the focus to be on the clothes that you’re wearing and the lovely makeup on your face, pick black shoes! It’s great for formal wear and also casual.

Bold Red Heels

Bold red heels are for devils. Not literally of course. They’re made for the free-spirited, freedom-lovin’ personalities, who have no issues with the color “red”. With red on your feet, you must be meticulous with the appearance of your legs. No hairy legs, ladies. Well unless that’s a sort of fetish for you. No rough patches, if you’re planning to expose the leg area. Red pulls the attention of many like when you see the red light during traffic.

Gladiator Sandals

This style is definitely a trend now. It’s hip and has a lot of spunk. If you have a thing for gladiator sandals, you’ll own at least one pair of this bronzy-colored ones. Ladies who love to flaunt your inner warrior side, this would be a style that you’ll gladly go for.

Strappy Heels

Animal Print Heels/Flats

I’ve seen many beautiful lassies rocking animal-printed heels and they are the vibrant types who are adventurous with colors. They’re not afraid to incorporate such an in-your-face type of wear and they mostly wear whatever that suits their fancy. It makes me think of the leopard in the jungle with tons of confidence and swagger. If you’re the funky type – you may just like this one.

Below is another animal-print type of shoes and they’re flats. A combination of comfort and color in one style, great for those taking a break from wearing heels and for those who completely abhor heels of any length.

Pink Heels

Ankle Boots

Sporty Shoes/Sneakers

So what type of shoes define your style, ladies? Are you the high-heels type or more of the laid-back sandals/flats type? Share below!

“Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there. Did you know that right and left shoes were thought up only a little more than a century ago?”Bernice Fitz-Gibbon

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