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Fashionista NOW: Soft Pastel Vintage Fashion Ideas

To tell you the honest truth, I don’t wear soft pastel-colored clothing, but I am gradually changing my mind after I bumped into a sweet-looking young lady in the supermarket who looked like she actually dropped out from pastel vintage heaven.

What came to mind now as I recall was that she had on a soft flowy dress of a subtle cream colour with the hemline just touching her mid-calf and on both of feet, a pair of yet another cream coloured heels. Her face was fresh just like an innocent child. No heavy makeup. Accessories to the most minimum.

Well, it’s hard to paint a picture of the vintage angel with my limited vocabulary as you can see, so I shall instead use the help of these images to throw in some sweet creative ideas that you lassies can use when you’re infected with the subtle vintage fashion bug.

Now, let’s find out how you can get the soft look of elegance by going all-out soft vintage.

Think: Subtle Soft Pastel Tones

Now that you’re going for subtle soft colors, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the soft tones that you can incorporate into your vintage style. Just focus on choosing pale colors of blue, green, pink, cream, beige, brown and yellow.

You can also dive straight into the limitless subtle colours by looking at fashion photography images such as the one below of the three youthful ethereal beauties down below.

Choose Soft Materials

Just by looking at the digital print above, you can see that “flowy” and “soft” are the two perfect adjectives to describe the dress.

Own At Least One Vintage White Dress

So you own the little black dress in your wardrobe, now what? Get a flowy white vintage-inspired dress – I’m sure it won’t take that much space and if you’re feeling vintage-y, wear it with a couple of accessories and you’re good to go. You can even save the dress for occasions that require you to dress up. With subtle vintage styles, dressing up means dressing down and wearing a white/cream colored-vintage inspired dress will give off the impression of effortless elegance in the sea of bolder-outfitted mammals.

Accentuate With Little Accessories and Tons of Poise

Never load on too much when it comes to accessorizing your vintage look. With subtle elegant styles, always go for the less is more yadda-yadda. You want the soft appeal of your vintage-inspired wear to stand out. And making the softness of a vintage look stand out depends on you staying very minimalistic!

Soft Beige-y Coral-Colored (nude) heels’ A MUST

Clutch That Clutch!

Elegance in a vintage-styled wear depends on many number of factors, yet from all the various fashion sites I’ve seen, the vintage clutch has actually made a quite numerous presence in the picture. In the image above, the model is holding onto a vintage clutch.

Grab A Pair Of White Heels

Vintage or not, the white heels can be your savior when it comes to complement the perfect vintage dress. Keep in mind that white heels can make you look shorter if you’re already tiny in height. To solve this dilemma, just pick heels of a darker shade instead.

A Bubble Dress Affair

There are many kinds of dresses out there, but with vintage or vintage-inspired styles, you may want to keep it soft, billowy and bubbly. Now, what am I talking about? It’s the bubble dress – one that has a tucked-under hemline – as seen in the above picture.

Now Put Your Vintage Swagger On!

Now that you have carefully selected every piece of vintage-y garment to your heart’s desire, all you’ve got to do next is to call on your inner persona to come out and play. Do be yourself at every moment and don’t sweat it when a bold-gothic queen pass you by. You’re going to be every bit the opposite of her today!

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