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Fashionista NOW: How To Get The Rockstar Look?

The rockstar look can be achieved even if you’re not in a real rock band. What about the rockstar style that captures people’s attention? If you really think about it, it’s the presence that comes from their appearance, personality and the aura of confidence and the sexiness that they exude.

While it’s easy to copy a style from a favorite rockstar idol, the same can’t be said about capturing the essence of their rockstarness. You have to tease out your inner rocker from your own personality.

Keeping that in mind, we’ll browse through a number of rockstar styles and get some creative input on how to get your rocker swagger on.

Get the Rockstar Jacket

Wear Graphic T-shirts

There are tons of graphic t-shirt selections out there and choices should be made based on the kind of rocker look that you want to send out. Punk rocker style can get away with wearing bright-colored shirts such as yellow, pink and neon green, while the emo rocker may want to load up the wardrobe with graphic shirts that are of black and other dark colors. Either way, don’t let the labels cramp your style. Find a style that is reflects You and couple it with tons of confidence, and you’re good to go.

Get Rockstar Pants

When picking up a pair of pants for your rocker look, be bold. Skip the boring slacks materials (that should only be worn to the office or the funeral). Go straight ahead to jeans, leather or fake leather, vinyl or jeggings. It’s even better if they have worn-out spots or are ripped. Edgy is the look you’re aiming for.

Skinny jeans are great too if you have long leggy legs and leggings that have jeans prints can work out wonders! Stay away from pants that have pleats, baggy and those preppy types.

Get Them Rockstar Shoes

When it comes to shoes for a rocker look, think of worn out brown/black ankle boots if you’re going for a laid-back type of rockstar look. For a much more sporty rocker appearance, sneakers are definitely alright. Don’t stop there, though. For ladies, black studded stilettos and kitten heels can amp up the whole rocker chic look.

Load On The Dark Makeup

The signature makeup look for any rockstar style always consists of dark smoldering eye makeup.

Ladies, if you want an instant splash of color on your face, go for bloody red stained lips! This is my favorite. Red lips are just classic, don’t you think?

Essentially, it all comes down to confidence. A real rockstar doesn’t care of what others might think of him/her. Build up your sense of self as you embrace the rocker style in appearance. Nobody likes a poser – one who fully-imitate a rockstar style from the outside but fails to bring out her own personality.

What does a rockstar style mean to you? Do you rock your own brand of fashion, the rockstar way? If you do, please share some creative insights on how to get the rockstar look down below.

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