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Fashionista NOW: Welcome Dreamy Watercolor Prints In Fashion

Watercolor prints are inspired by art and they’re all about soft blurry edges with a deliberate mix of colors interplaying with one another in abstract patterns or floral arrangements. Read on to find out how you can wear the watercolor-inspired prints stylishly.

When I think of watercolor-based patterns or prints, I think of the painting classes I took when I was young. The presence of water as a medium made sure that rough edges are always blurred out and blended well that the end result was supremely gentle to the eyes and the process quite therapeutic. In fashion, as in arts, watercolor prints retain that romantic dream-like appeal.

The soft patterns and the fusion of colors that blend well together are a trademark that makes watercolor printed fashion different from prints with bold harsh lines, seen in animal or floral printed pieces. Almost similar to the flowy color effect of galaxy-inspired prints, watercolor prints involve the gentle gradations of color.

Watercolor-like effects on clothing whether it is on a skirt, dress, blouse or a pair of shorts give the illusion that you got stuck in the rain and the print of your dress is running. And if you have an appreciation of watercolor-based painting, you will most likely enjoy this watercolor-inspired fashion trend.

Scroll down to update your wardrobe with romantic hues of watercolor.










For those who are looking for affordable trendy watercolor printed pieces to spice up your everyday wear, Etsy has quite a broad selection of these goodies. Click on this link to find blouses dipped in watercolor. I so want with this one.

You can also find these in your local boutiques at an economical rate and if you’re made to splurge, then go ahead and check out brand names such as Lela Rose and Nicole Farhi.

So, do you give watercolor in fashion a yay or a nay? Are you completely taken with this very dreamy fashion trend? Tell us in the comment section below.

“Watercolor is a swim in the metaphysics of life… a mirror of one’s own character. Let it be unpredictable and colorful.” -Unknown.

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