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Fashionista NOW: Studded Fashion Trend – Get A Sprinkle Of Studs In Your Daily Wear

Studs have been always been in fashion for those who love them but since they’re easily associated with music-blaring world-hating youth, it’s understandable that reasonable-minded folks may feel unsure about rocking them.

While they can be quite rock & roll dramatic but even rockers and rollers have to take a break and kick in something that’s laid back but still modestly studded.

The studded trend may be loved by the punk-y and angst-y adolescent, but that is just a matter of fashion interpretation. Studs can be worn to really amp up an otherwise casual wear even if you’re no rebel.

You don’t need to be sporting fully studded shirts or pants to rock this trend. Think of studded accents that decorate jackets, cardigans and shirt collars. Shoes or heels with studs are simply eye-catching even when they are stud-loaded. Bags, belts and bangles embellished with studs are fun accessories to uplift just about any casual get-up.

Still in doubt as to whether you can wear studs? You’re in for a studded treat then. Scroll down and be inspired by a list of stud-wearing fashion divas.

The studded clutch carried by Cheyser stands out from the black of her asymmetrical skirt. The metallic stud textures add a balance to the lacy corset top.

Studded distressed denim shorts worn by Anastasia add a quirky vibe into the equation. She mixes up geometrical shapes, studs and animal prints quite seamlessly.

For those who are all about clean no-fuss fashion, cue in Sietske as she brings up the style factor of a grey-tee and jeans combo with studded sneakers.

Make a fashion statement wearing studded sneakers like Cindy Ashes. Her casual get-up gets stylized with the sprinkle of studs from her shoes.

Studded heels are visually-arresting. Heels are intrinsically feminine that when they do get studded, they just ooze elegance and mystery, don’t your think?

Spiky studded sneakers are not for the faint-hearted. They can be the weapon you need during self-defense. And they sure are attention-grabbing. Just make sure that your personality speaks louder than those durian-esque shoes.

Flats studs are much safer in comparison to the spiky counterparts especially if you’re prone to tripping on your own/other people’s feet. And don’t wear ultra-high heels too please.

Not too keen on stud-loaded shoes? Accessorize with studded belts like Bernadette. The galaxy printed skirt’s a sight to behold eh?

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There are also a variety of tops and blouses adorned with studs for you to check out. Anastasia wears her cropped studded shirt with casual denim shorts. It’s like 3D polka dots with metallic sheen only all the more fun.

For folks who are into fancy nail art. You can get them nails studded too. Just follow this video tutorial to get that amazing DIY studded nails at home:

So, what do think of the studded fashion trend? Are you feeling it? Or is it a no go? Tell us below.

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