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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Animal Print Without Turning Into A Real Animal?

Ladies, the animal print fashion fever is on and I can see you from a kilometre away prowling the streets like a wild cheetah. It’s not a new thing that women have a thang for wearing animal-printed clothing – it dates way back in time of the cave women era where men actually hunt for the real thing for us ladies.

We have certainly come a long way now. I only condone wearing animal printed items that are of an imitation, by the way. We’ve gots to protect our precious fauna, right – says the animal rights diva in me.

Anyways, let’s go straight to the point of this fashion piece – which is going to be about practical tips on how to put on an animal-print fashion item without completely transforming into a real jungle animal itself. We don’t want to confuse the real leopards, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes and snakes right?

Don’t Overdo It Lady!

It can go dangerously wrong when you’re having a full-blown wild animal print fever. You may want to cool down that temperature and clear your head and think one piece of wild print at a time.

Say, you’re itching to wear your hot leopard cardigan for a night out. Make sure the blouse or shirt underneath is in a solid color so that it doesn’t compete with your cardigan for attention or well, you may end up looking like a wild mess.

The idea is to choose a single animal print piece to wear while leaving the rest in a one-tone color such as beige, white or black, or any color-theme of your liking.

Keep it tasteful by making sure that you’ve picked out a balanced theme that does not scream wild safari animal on the loose. It’s the last thing you ever want to do, if you get what I mean.

Accessorize Wisely Woman

I cannot emphasize more on this vital point. It’s impossible to go look sophisticated wearing wild animal print when it’s way too easy to end up walking like a fashion nightmare if you over-accessorize. The key is to know when to amp up/tone down with the accessories.

If you’re aiming for a look that is minimalistic with only an elegant item of animal print in your wear – you can most definitely incorporate animal prints in your bling bling, bags, scarves or even shoes. But don’t push it.

Clearly though you’re not supposed to wear ALL OF IT in animal prints AT ONCE – let’s just err on the side of caution here. If you’re not sure, kindly get a fresh pair of eyes of a trustworthy fashionable buddy to comment on your overall look. Or just Google for goodness sakes, it’s your fashion reputation we’re talking about here! We gots to protect that with all our might!

Remember that an animal printed piece is already a strong fashion statement. Keep it classy ladies. What do you think about the animal print trend? Are you smitten?

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