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Malaysia’s 1st Homestay Website

When I was studying overseas, I used to backpack all over Europe. In all of my trips I stayed in hostels that I found on the internet.

One of my favorite sites was Hostel World, I could find the most comfortable accommodations at very very affordable rates =)

It is routine for me to check up Hostel World as the very first step of any trip and I decide on where to stay next based on the estimation for the cost calculation for the trip to that particular place. In four season countries their accommodation rates and flight tickets is according to the season of the place, for example during winter the hostels often have discounts because it got too cold for tourists.

People from cold countries like to go to places with warm climate during the winter months so the prices flow according to the demand.

My point is that it is very useful to be able to access a database of accommodation when planning ahead of any trip and when I came back to Malaysia, I wondered if I could travel all across Malaysia and catch up with everyone along these places =)

In my process of the CariBilik part of my trip I came across well, CariBilik ;-) which consists of a database of rooms for let both long and short term.

From my experience, the layout and design for the site is as practical as the name itself. All of the interface for the site is simple and straight to the point, plus well, I dig the date selection tool on the calendar, real nifty.

What I wish for is for the site to have a little face lift albeit, maybe with some designs to give it a bit of punch in terms of impression. Being easy on the eyes always helps ;-)

Simple, straight to the point, got its job done right, I’m off to my grand Malaysian Road Trip now =)

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