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Fashionista NOW: Soft Floral Print Fashion Inspiration

It’s sunny here in Malaysia and the tropical heat with its intense humidity can make any hot-blooded lady shed off the heavier aspect of her clothing no matter how fashionable it is, and replace it with some much lighter and airy material that fits the weather.

While the sun and the bright blue skies look good over green fields and colourful flowers at full bloom, we would definitely look good in the picture wearing floral print clothing as we go in-sync with nature.

Mind you, I used to be the kind of teen who had to fight the constant feeling of nausea whenever my mother presented one of her most popular fashion opinions which revolved around me and my sister wearing floral patterned dresses just like she did because they looked very ‘beautiful’!

Back then, the word ‘beautiful’ when paired with the idea of adorning a floral-patterned dress disturbed us and occasionally made my sister weep.

But, today, approaching a certain new mentality towards floral fashion, I’ve made my peace and finally accepted that floral motifs in fashion can be indeed eye-catching and feminine. Happy now, Ma?

This brings us to our present fashion subject at hand : How do one go about wearing floral prints as a feminine fashion statement without looking like she’s a walking garden? Let’s take a scroll down and look at some fashion photos for instant inspiration.

What do you ladies actually think about floral-printed dresses, blouses, shorts and skirts? Do you like wearing them and bringing out that soft feminine side oout to play? If you’re just beginning to venture out of your fashion comfort zone with floral fashion, I do hope that these floral fashion photo ideas help you as you make a decision.

Comment below if you have ideas and tips that you wish to share.

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