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Fashionista NOW: Why Skinny Jeans Look Great On Some Guys, But Not On You?

Skinny jeans are not for everyone and that’s a fact. It all boils down to the kind of overall body shape, leg size and unique individual fashion preference you have.

I know some girls who adore them because they fit like a glove and some guys who just can’t get enough of the skinny goodness that every shopping session will be made of endless visits to the fitting room with questions upon questions like: Does it look a bit tight there? Oh no, this isn’t skinny enough, shall I get a smaller size?

One thing that we will all agree upon is that some guys just look mighty fine in them, without even trying. Why?

Well that’s what this fashion piece is all about. Take a scroll down, to find out why skinny jeans look good on certain guys but become the epitome of fashion disaster on others.

Body Shape Counts

Slender guys look good wearing skinny jeans simply because skinny jeans work to flaunt the slender legs (not bony) they have. Take note of the size of your thighs, calves and ankles. Generally athletic types who run or play football have a much bigger (developed) anterior thigh muscles, which in turn will not make skinny jeans too flattering on them.

Are You Bulky?

The size of your calves and ankles also do play a role in ensuring if those skinny jeans are to be worn. The bulkier they are, the more you’ll ended putting on illusory weights. Plus size skinny jeans can help to turn the look around, but you should stay away from super skinny jeans that cling tight to your skin making it very uncomfortable to wear.

Upper Body Proportion Vs Lower Body Proportion

Your overall body proportion plays a vital role. If you’re on the heavier side, you should know that skinny jeans can actually make you look way plumper than you already are.

Check to see your upper and lower body length and keep this in mind: If the lower body length ( beginning from the waistline to your toes ) is shorter than the top half, skinny jeans will not look that good on you. It will make you look stumpy, giving an illusion of a much shorter you.

Bootylicious Or Not

Assess the width of your bottom area. If you have a much fuller bottom – skinny jeans will either enhance the size of your posterior or flatten it out. You should know that any good jeans should fit in comfortably at that particular area, because if they fail to provide the required breathing space, then boy, you’re in no business of purchasing them!

Skinny On Too Skinny Equals Twiggy

Not all slender guys can rock the skinny jeans and have it all. Why? It all depends on the size of their legs. Surprise? If your legs are extremely thin, you’ll look like fragile bones walking and that’s not pretty. Instead of choosing the ultra skinny jeans, choose a tapered cut jeans instead.

Don’t Let Em’ Hang

Keep in mind, the rule with skinny jeans is still the same with the other kinds of casual/formal long pants – don’t wear one that hangs above your ankles. It will look like you’ve stolen your sister’s pair of skinnies!

Muffin-top Please Be Gone

Wearing skinny jeans pulls the viewers’ attention onto the middle section of your body. Check to see if you have a muffin top. It’s never sightly to see parts of your stomach protruding out and it’s very often a serious fashion crime, if you ask oh-so-vain me!

No Love Lost

Last but not least, be aware of the fashion niche that speaks to you and work with what flaunts your unique style and make it your own. Even if skinny jeans are suitable for your size, you’re more than the body that a bunch of random people see.

Besides all the various physical aspects that we’ve been looking at, there’s also the question of comfort and confidence. Following a trend blindly for the sake of wearing what the cool guys are wearing will not do justice to your personality and appearance as a unique person. If you feel awkward in skinny jeans, please just don’t wear them at all.

Are you a guy with a taste for wearing skinny jeans? Do you know other guys who wear them and look good? If you know any other reasons as to why the skinnies look good on some men and not others, please be a sweetheart and comment below. All opinions are greatly valued. Thank you.

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