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Fashionista NOW: The Queen of Chic/Simple Fashion Elegance, Jessica R.

© Jessica Ricks

Fashion can be simple and fun. Scroll on to get yourself inspired by wearable minimalistic styles worn by Jessica R., the stunning and talented fashion icon who hails from California.

© Jessica Ricks

Sporting a casual white tee with distressed jeans and nude peep toe heels, Jessica is dressed in comfort and effortless style. The best thing about basic pieces like this is that it is completely wearable and you need not lose your head while getting ready.

© Jessica Ricks

A single pop of brilliant red color in an otherwise black, grey and white get-up can lift up the mood in a very structured manner. If you’re not wild about bold prints and patterns and screaming bright tones, stick with subtle prints and spice it up with a contrasting color of your choice.

© Jessica Ricks

Jessica is holding a bag of free oranges and a pot of flowers at a farmers market where she looks ultra-sultry wearing a combo of button up top and a lovely spring season statement skirt. I just love the sweet mix of floral colors and how her skirt blends in with the real flowers on the stand.

Her distinct beauty stands out even as the floral elements threaten to turn her into colorful foliage.

© Jessica Ricks

This girl could stop a runaway train even if she’s wearing a gunny sack. Channelling her laid-back awesomeness, Jessica pairs a casual denim jacket with a loose black dress and a pair of nude kicks. On her blog post she mentions that her hair had gone completely wild due to strong winds during the photo shoot. I bet if her hair flew off with the winds, she’d still be a sight! Just kidding!

© Jessica Ricks

The girl’s rocking a glittery stripy gold and black sequin dress with a short-sleeved peplum like blazer. If you’re looking for chic glittery classy elegance that is simple and pulled together, I believe this makes for a great inspiration.

© Jessica Ricks

Here, Jess is sporting a simple jumper which she pairs with leggings that are not obviously visible. I just had to share this because her side profile’s just breathtakingly jaw-dropping. Forgive me for sounding creepy.

© Jessica Ricks

The coupling of this metallic grey dress and black tights is just perfect. Again, adhering to the code of simplicity, anyone can pull this look with confidence that they will look their best.

© Jessica Ricks

A maxi dress is a girly girl’s best friend and with a waistline-enhancing cut, you will be quite pleasantly surprise at how easy it is to look good in it.

© Jessica Ricks

Crochet shorts are indeed intricate and very feminine, similar to those of lacy types. If you’re a girl who likes to show off some leggy legs, wear them proud!

For a perfect sunny day wear, you could pair them with a simple tank top worn underneath a sheer blouse and you’re good to go. Crochet or lace details are timeless statement pieces that will always stay on-trend.

To know more about Jessica R. and her simple chic fashion sense, please kindly visit her blog, Hapa Time.

Hype all of her amazing fashion photos HERE.

Do you like simple no-fuss fashion? Or are you more of the all-out bold fashion lover? Drop your opinions below.

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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