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Fashionista NOW: Crochet Fashion For Those Who Love Textures

If you love to texturize your outfits, crochet fashion is worth looking into.

We have all heard and seen so much of patterns and prints, lace and ruffles in fashion these days. The crochet trend, however, is less spoken about. Perhaps it has not caught on, of if it has, it needs more hype. And here’s a piece to hype it up.

Moving along, we’ll take a look at how the presence of crochet in clothing can lift up the mood of your outfits.

Let’s begin with Mayo Wo’s crochet cardigan.

The addition of a crochet cardigan onto a very feminine chiffon get-up brings unexpected elegance. The lightweight crochet material is best for layering; even when it’s warm outside, so you need not to worry if it’s practical for our scorching hot Malaysian daytime weather.

Colored crochet top is particularly an exciting piece to add into your wardrobe if you have the tendency to layer up your outfits.

Cheyser Pedregosa wears her pink blazer over a green crochet top that’s obviously worn over a tank top and the look’s finished with a pair of jazz shorts and gorgeous platforms. If you love color blocking and texturizing, invest in an eye-catching crochet clothing quick!

A statement pink crochet tunic worn by Kasia Gorol (below) is something to consider. The whole get-up appears to be whimsical and oh so cute!

The crochet top can be worn over a bandeau top. Perfect for a day out in the sun.

To bring in flavor into the monochromatic ensemble, Anastasia Siantar wears a pair of look-at-me leopard print shorts. The black ankle boots complete the look.

Not only are there many types of crocheted tops, blouses or dresses for you choose from these days, there are also crochet shorts. These can turn any outfit into a visually-captivating one.

I absolutely adore the intricate embroidery of Diya L.’s shorts. She pairs a soft lace blouse with them shorts for that casual/formal chic look.

Cindy Ashes wears her cream crochet shorts with a blazer worn over a black graphic top. The polka dots sheer tights ties up her look.

Embracing the crochet trend does not mean you start wearing all things crochet from top to bottom. It certainly does not turn you into a grandma.

For those who are just trying out the trend, it’s practical to try out tops or blouses, dresses or trousers that carry crochet embellishments. Crochet vest is something that you can invest in for starters.

The lovely texture of the crochet vest worn over a tank top transforms an otherwise a completely laid-back minimalistic look.

Another choice is to go for a cotton top with a crocheted back.

And here’s Alana Ruas’ very laid-back crochet look. If you love little details that stand out apart from lace and ruffles, give crochet a try.

Incorporating crochet into your casual wear will bring up your style factor without much hassle. It is like an afterthought. To wear it or not, is just a question of mood. Right now I’m feeling like I am about to go crochet-crazy. Are you?

Do you like the crochet style in fashion? I hope these crochet-sporting fashionistas inspire you to introduce fun textures into your outfits. Have fun girlies!

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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