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Fashionista NOW: The Midi Skirt Fashion Infatuation

Fashion designer Michael Kors recently declared the demise of super-short hemlines at New York Fashion Week and it coincides with my returning love for the midi skirt trend.

The subdued elegance of the midi is one of the reasons that I’m called to share some of the beautiful looks worn by lookbook fashionistas. It is a retro trend that have yet to be popular among the young crowd in Malaysia whose fashion staple is almost always jeans and tees.

My mother wears the midi when she was younger and is still sporting the trend even now. I have yet to embrace the style full on. I’ve got a feeling that I will by the end of this piece.

So let’s get down to business. Scroll down for some midi skirt fashion tips and inspiration.

The midi skirt is characterized by the length of the hemline which can be anywhere below the knee to the mid-calf area.

Michael Kors said:

“For a lot of younger women, they have been in a crotch-high dress for a very long time, so I think longer is going to be really important.”

If you’ve always been the short skirt girl, here’s a time for you to diversify your skirt selection. Think of the midi skirt as a much needed addition to your wardrobe that can breathe grace and elegance to your looks.

There is something classy and polished about wearing the midi skirt that ensures you’ll never be over/underdressed for any occasion. If you’re a pants-wearing girl who’s looking to embrace skirts this year, give the midi style a chance. I’ve got a feeling that you’ll be completely taken.

We’ve seen flesh-revealing clothes everywhere to know that it takes a certain amount of swag to really look good in those clothes, without letting them wear you.

The midi skirt trend, however, allows your character to shine through in a very laid-back manner. There’s no pressure to stun or shock others. It is so wearable that you’d wonder why you didn’t try it sooner.

If you’re looking for a soft chic style, I would really recommend finding for a chiffon pleated midi skirt. For those who are into quirky styles, do not underestimate the midi. You can search for ones with prints and patterns that fit your unique fashion sense and twirl around in them like a modern-day princess.

Choosing your top to blend with and complement your midi is a must-learn trick. Since the appearance of weight or bulkiness is focused below the waist, you want to avoid adding more bulk to the top. Stick with well-fitted top and if you choose to wear a jacket, make sure it is slim-line.

Remember: The main aim is to balance out the bulkiness created by the skirt.

While long-legged ladies can sport the midi (of any length) without looking like they’ve lost some height, shorter girls can breathe a sigh of relief because they too can look good in a midi as long as they pick one with a hemline that falls just below the knee.

And pay attention to your footwear. Choose something that has a bit of heels to give back inches to your height. Avoid chunky shoes as they give the illusion of a much shorter you.

In order not to look frumpy in a midi skirt, you’ve got to learn how to choose the right cut and design for you. A midi with minimalistic design or in a solid color and is made with lightweight material that drapes over your torso is a great choice.

The chic look by Kryz Uy is just jaw-dropping, don’t you think? And guess what? The teal midi skirt was from her dear mother’s closet. So before you head down to shop, just ask your mom if she owns some midis and who knows what hidden treasures you’ll find. I hope this piece sparks an interest in the midi trend.

What do you honestly feel about longer hemlines? Will you try out the midi skirt style? Leave your comments below.

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Fashionista NOW: The Midi Skirt Fashion Inspiration

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