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Fashionista NOW: The Asymmetrical Fashion Trend – Bringing Class & Style To The Equation

Asymmetrical designs in fashion can be seen in various slanted styled skirts, blouses and cardigans with one side having a different cut than the other.

In a world where mainstream fashion is also governed by the practical issue of cost that puts symmetrical designs ahead because it’s good on the budget, the asymmetrical fashion designs are like an indulgence.

Fashionistas now pride themselves in having pieces of clothing with irregular cuts and the trend is here to stay. While we have seen many celebrities rocking the asymmetry in fashion on red carpets, these days, the style has cut across that barrier and is infecting the fashion sense of young fashionistas.

On lookbook itself, if one were to run a search on the term ‘asymmetrical’, it will gather nearly 700 results of asymmetry-loving ladies.

And before the end of this piece, you’ll see why the so-called unbalanced cut is all the rage.

Aimee Song is rocking a green/turquoise part cutout part asymmetrical dress that puts a new twist on the word chic.

Kani (Connie) Cao is wearing a maxi dress with a dramatic asymmetric cut that screams elegance.

This extremely slanted hemline of the sheer asymmetrical skirt worn by Anastasia Siantar is not for the light hearted. But it is a sure way to spice up your wardrobe and steal an immediate attention in a sea of symmetrically-fashion-conscious people.

And here’s a gorgeous asymmetrical maxi dress worn by Jessica (above) that is great for a day/night out when it’s windy. The tail of the skirt will definitely dance with the winds.

Instead of wearing the gloriously slanted skirt with the longer bit at the back, Mayo Wo wears hers to the side, revealing the eye-catching gradual asymmetric cut of her skirt.

If you’re looking to sport the ultra feminine chic look, wearing a chiffon asymmetrical skirt that’s unbearably lightweight like the one Mayo Wo’s wearing in the picture above is a wonderful way to give an added oomph to your look.

The above the knee skirt with a much understated asymmetry is perfect for those who want to embrace the trend in its most subdued form.

Not all asymmetrical designs are dramatic. Aileen Belmonte has on a midi with a few inches shorter cut in the center that it adds a quirky touch to the whole ensemble.

Blouses and tops that carry asymmetry are one of the best way to spice up any look. Cindy Ashes wears a cream frilly top with a soft slanted cut that is layered up with a cutout cardigan.

Miss Belmonte gets creative by using a blue asymmetrical dress as a top, finishing the look off with a pair of harem pants.

For those who love to layer up, a cardigan with an asymmetric hemline can do wonders. Kryz Uy wears her knitted slanted-cut cardi over a gold cropped top and tulle skirt.

Are you excited to try out the asymmetrical fashion trend? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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