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Fashionista NOW: Layering With Cardigan Fashion Ideas

Cardigans are a great staple for your wardrobe as they are superbly fantastic for layering your clothes so that the end result is way more fashionable that it was before.

The term “cardigan” came from a British military commander named James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan. Available for both sexes, over the years they became hot items for fashion-oriented men as made popular by the always-experimenting fashion industry.

For this piece, however, we shall look at how ladies can incorporate them into their outfits. Let the pictures do the talking shall we?

In this picture, the young fashionista is sporting a loose butterfly cardigan in cream/white color over a top and a midi skirt. This look is soft and very girly as you can see. The knitted details of her cardigan are lovely.

I notice that she has on a pair of socks to go with the sandals. I know some of you find that a bit tacky, but if you’re young and you know how to pull your outfit together, it really is not a fashion crime.

Layering a cardigan over a short dress is fantastic. In this picture, she has added a skinny studded belt over her long cardigan to accentuate the waist area. This trick of incorporating a belt over an otherwise square silhouette is especially helpful to create an illusion of a curvy and taller you.

Who says you have to stick with monochromatic (one-tone) colors where cardigan is concerned? Cardigans are now designed to include funky prints, floral, and they come in many different styles and colors.

In this picture, she is wearing a floral cardigan over a plain white tunic and jeans. As always is the case, stick with one-tone top, if you plan to wear a printed cardigan and vice versa, unless you want to create a dizzying effect to paralyze your enemy.

You can choose to wear your cardigan un-buttoned/untied but in this picture, she is sporting a vintage-esque button-up floral cardigan that goes over a grey top and denim shorts. You could see the cardigan attracts your attention immediately.

With statement cardigans such as this one, it’s best to keep everything else in one-tone no matter what the color is to avoid unnecessary competition from other clothing pieces.

Leopard print cardigan is another one that falls under the group that I fancy as “statement cardigans”. You do not EVER want to incorporate pattern-rich pieces when you are wearing one item that already has leopard prints.

I don’t know why, but if you have too many things going on at once, I feel like it detracts the focus that should be on that statement piece. In this picture, the gal layers the funky cardigan tastefully over a grey top and black skinny jeans.

In this picture, she wears a grey cardigan over a lighter grey top that falls just above her knees. I’m not sure why she is standing on top of a stool though. Accessorize to your liking.

Now this cardigan is like a cape. It’s a cape cardigan in snakeskin prints which she wears over a vintage dress with cut hem and tapestry boots. The key rule again is to keep it simple whenever you plan on wearing a statement cardigan.

Stripey cardigan is not at heavy as cardigans with animal prints but still, I wouldn’t want to be caught wearing stripes over patterned top. But you can definitely spice up your whole look by wearing some bling-bling, a funky bag, a straw hat, nerd glasses and gladiator sandals, just like in the picture above.

Layering and color-blocking can both be done by incorporating a cardigan as well, as illustrated in the picture here. With colorful cardigans, you can include colors and patterns that will make the whole ensemble screams bold and trendy. I hope you find these ideas useful whenever you plan to wear your cardigans.

Even though they are usually worn to keep warm, you can always purchase ones that are made from fabric materials that do not trap heat, just to be practical as we do live on the equator. Wear thicker ones during the monsoon seasons, and look good!

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