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Fashionista NOW: Color Block Fashion Infatuation

Color block trend is really not new in fashion. However, this year especially during the hot and sunny season, it has been elevated to a surprisingly significant fun-packed level. If you’re the kind of girl who loves the opportunity to play with many colors in an outfit, this trend is something that you will thoroughly love.

Looking at the many fun fashion photos of fashionistas rocking their color block wear, from a perspective of someone who is mildly allergic to wearing loud and bright colors  – I can finally see why it is a fun style that allows you to get the chic look by using color contrasts.

What in the world is a color block trend, you may wonder. Well it’s a combination of a variety of solid colors in clothing and accessories that supports and compliment each other which makes up a completely unique, fun and bold ‘look-at-me’ ensemble.

Because the arrangement and choice of colors depend very much on your tastes and preferences, it is one of the most care-free and liberating styles out there.

There are no absolute rules to color blocking, just as long as you stick with solid color pieces that are frill-free with clean lines.

To get your creative fashion juice flowing, here are some lovely looks that will take your breath away.

If you’re new to color blocking, just start with two to three solid color pieces and work from there. You don’t have to go all out with colors that you’re not comfortable with. Start with your favorite colors and mix and match.

The best color block outfits are usually very minimal in their color selection department. Stick with a minimum 2 to a maximum 4 of color choices and you’re good to go, I promise.

Do indulge in color blocking your accessories too for a much more fun effect. If you’re a beginner who’s uncomfortable to accessorize with bright neon hues of pretty pastel colors at first, stick with nude conservative color types like browns, whites and blacks for your bangles, rings, necklaces, shoes and bags.

Color block trend to me, is quite a way to whip out a look using colors that you actually love. If yellows and purples are a must in your wardrobe staple. It’s wise to start by wearing those as it allows you to be yourself and it takes the edge and discomfort off wearing colors that are not really you.

A color block dress is highly recommended for those who just do not have the patience to mix and match different pieces of solid colored items.

At the same time, you’ll appear like a real color block fashion genius without putting much effort. How fun is that?

For those who are always color hungry, there’s no limit to the kinds of colors that you want to mix and match. Stretch your fashion horizon and go for whatever combination of colors that rock your boat. Seriously.

The model here wears a black top and high-waisted shorts. Without the mustard yellow purse and bright tangerine boots, the ensemble appears dark and gothic. Add a splash of two colors, you girl, have color blocked your way to a bit of a cheerful persona.

A wise fashion reminder that you may want to familiarize yourself with in terms of color coordination is to stay away from having more than one neon bright color competing for attention at one time. Always make sure that there is a safe nude hue that acts as a background color.

Think of it this way, if all the colors in the outfit are bright and bold – you will appear like a walking Rubik’s cube and that is something we don’t really want, right? (No offense to folks who actually love the Rubik look.)

In the picture above, you’ll immediately notice the vibrant blue top and orange shorts while the cream colored jacket acts as a soft nude hue background which makes for an effective contrast. The color black is the tiny accent color to this cute look.

What are you waiting for? Start digging into your wardrobe for solid color pieces and see what your creative imagination can do to your hidden color blocking skills, girl. ENJOY!

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