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Fashionista NOW: Why Nude Heels/Wedges/Flats Are Ladies’ Best Friends

“If you are a woman who does not have a pair of nude shoes, then you need to get a pair pronto!” – Diva Village

Nude shoes are the bomb these days and I’m not just saying that for dramatic purposes. I don’t know why but they’re so versatile that you can wear them for any occasion, quite unlike the classic black heels that usually exude a much more serious and formal vibe.

And ever since our young fashionable ladies have been rocking them out on the streets and flaunting snap shots of their nude heels/flats/wedges online, I can say I’m very much smitten, on the edge of purchasing a pair just to bask in the glory of wearing nude kicks.

My daydream and drool aside, I have been researching on reasons why this nude trend is making a mark in the hearts of women, that they have gone mad stocking up their shoe closet with the nudes. Why is the trend showing signs of remaining in the fashion scene for quite a while? Why are they quietly taking over?

So here are my very subjective conclusions as to why ladies love them and are willing to fight for a pair of these beauties at the shoe sales, like maniacs.

They elongate your legs by creating an illusion.

Because nude heels are almost the same color or of similar undertone to your skin color, they tend to give your legs a much longer appearance. And ladies are crazy about their legs being longer than they seem to be. So there’s reason number one.

The celebrities are rocking it!

If you’ve taken a peek into the latest fashion of popular female celebs such as Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie and Taylor Swift, you can see that they’re making the nude shoe trend hotter than the Malaysian weather.

They go with everything (duh!)

Another most popular reason that the nudes are so loved is that you can pair them with any kind of outfit. They blend so seamlessly into formal, semi-formal, or non-formal/party/casual looks, you’d think heaven must have made them. That’s a tad dramatic, but you get it.

Ladies on the go can cut the time spent on coordinating the colors of their makeup, outfit minus the shoes, if they can just pull on a pair of nude wedges or flats and not have to worry if they fit or not, because they are well beyond-perfect..for almost anything! Some even wear em, to sleep. Just kidding. Or not. You tell me.

But of course, there’s a catch, but only a minor one. While nude heels can work on every skin tone type, they do need to at least complement your skin undertone.

It’s basically like choosing your facial foundation. Try on as many different nude tones – soft pink, tan, caramel, chocolate or beige and find one that goes well with your skin tone in that it accentuates your natural skin color, instead of undermining it.

They make you look like a real-life Barbie,yay!

Some of us love Barbies and would like to look like them at least, shoe-wise in real life. There’s something about nude pumps/heels that allows you to make that fantasy come true. The soft blend between skin and the nude heels without the usual abrupt contrast has a marvelous lengthening effect that insanely oozes of Barbie-ness.

And if you’re lucky enough, Ken would be just standing around the corner. Now, strut it, woman.

So, are you crazy about the nude trend in shoes? If you have a unique reason for the fetish other than listed here, please comment down below. Thank you!

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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