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Fashionista NOW: For The Love Of MAXI Skirts And Dresses

We all have noticed the scorching heat of our weather at this time of the year, and guess what the folks who predict weather trends are saying that it will get hotter until October. While the sun has been testing our skin, a fashion trend of wearing maxi skirts and dresses has been seen to infect the ladies like flu in winter, only that we don’t have winter here, just the hot sun and humidity.

Getting back to the fashion subject at hand: maxi dresses and skirts are indeed fantastic for this weather if you want to feel a bit of wind touching your legs and cooling your body, without showing your skin too much.

Let’s take a look at how you can look good wearing maxi skirts and dresses, shall we?

Maxi’s Are Awesome On Any Body Types

A maxi skirt or dress has a skirt that reaches right down to your ankles. The reason why some people feel that the maxi don’t look good on them can be traced to the failure in choosing the right cut, shape and fabric.

Apple-shaped ladies look good wearing those with cinched waist or pleats as they add clear waistlines and petite gals look fine wearing solid colored and loose-fitting ones. For thin gals who want to add the illusion of a waistline, pick a maxi dress or skirt that has a cinched waste.

They Cover A Multitude Of So-called ‘Sins’

By ‘sins’ I mean, ankles, calves or thighs that you just don’t want to put on a show because it’s just not the day or if you’re having something akin to a bad hair day, only that it’s your legs that you want to wrap up.

Stay Away From Overly Full Maxi

It’s easy to look larger in size when you’re wearing an extremely full maxi dress or skirt that comes with added layers, and you don’t want that of course. Stick with slimmer cut such as an A-line cut that reduces the abstract weight from your body and flatter your body shape. Keep this in mind if you have a particularly heavy waist.

Save The Frills For Your Wedding

While maxi skirt/dress with frills may look gorgeous on a mannequin, it can make you look like you’re going to your own wedding instead of strolling with your ladies around the mall. A good-looking maxi without frills is a million times better and you know it!

The Key Is To Blend The Colors Of Your Top And The Maxi

When wearing a maxi skirt, you must take a wise approach in choosing your top so that it blends with the color of your skirt. This is vital because you do not want to create a harsh horizontal line in the middle where it reaches your skirt. You want to create a soft horizontal flow that will lengthen your body and give the illusion of a leaner you.

Wear A Close-Fitting Top With Your Maxi

The maxi skirt’s trademark is that it flows and has a subtle flare as it reaches down on your ankle. If you wear a fluffy top, it will create extra width instead of making you look slimmer. It all depends on your body shape of course. If you have a thin frame, this does not apply to you.

But most of us want to appear long and slender, right? So this is key. Stick with tops that adhere close to your body that will create a slim line down your body to the flowing finish of your maxi.

Shorter Ladies Can Rock It Too

It is true that on slender and tall gals, maxi skirt or dress look especially wonderful. But who says shorter ladies can’t do it too? It all depends on the cut, design and length of the maxi.

Anything with horizontal lines and hem detailing will give the illusion that your legs cease at that point, making you look shorter than you already are. Pick a maxi with a length that’s literally caressing the ground as it will offer your legs maximum visual length.

Maxi With Miniature Patterns Are Awesome

Keep the design of your maxi skirt simple if you want a sleek and smooth look. This is particularly important if you do not want to ‘drown’ in the sea of a billowing graphic-loaded maxi skirt/dress. The rule applies for all body shape types.

High-Waisted Ones Flatter Your Shape, Everytime

This is something that I’ve truly observed when it comes to the distinct cut of a maxi dress or skirt. Regardless of the shape of your body, whether you have curves or not, a maxi that starts at the smallest part of your waist will flatter your body as it accentuates the curve of your waist.

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