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Fashionista NOW: Get Crazy With Lace This Holiday Season

There’s something eternally elegant and uber feminine with wearing lace dresses or clothing that has the ancient and classic trimmings.

My recent fascination with lacy fashion was influenced by the vintage trend, but that’s understandable as clothing with lace tend to exude a vintage-y, retro-ish appeal, which I love and I bet, so do most of you ladies.

Did you know that the creation of lace started with the earliest onset of human vanity? That is not surprising at all, considering that we are at present, at the highest heights of vanity – everyone wants to look good all the time, even while they sleep or as they walk the dog!

The classic lace was initially made in the lands of the Pharaohs who used flax cloth embellished with colored threads and transformed them into geometric designs.

The ancient Greeks and Romans also had a thing with decorating their togas with colors or gold. So when a new garment that had no details at the immediate edge started to fray with time, the threads would then be twisted and stitched together.

So, ladies, as it was destined, lace was actually derived from all the twisting and stitching used in the decoration of the ends of the frayed garment.

Now, what better way to celebrate this holiday season by embracing this historical lace fashion and look your very best? Scroll down for exquisite lace dress inspiration and some practical tips to ensure that you ooze timelessness in your lacy ensemble.

If you’re new to wearing lace and the only memory that you have of someone who’d worn them was your sweet grandma, don’t worry, you can start small. Dresses with minor lace detailing are the best. Look for a dress that has lace around the hemline and the sleeves.

With lacy dresses, I feel that they look best in soft earthy tones that come in shades of creams (champagne), mochas and whites. I do not know why specifically, but I think it makes you appear like you were born in the era of colorless TV. Call me insane, but if you can call a fashion nostalgic, then the lace trend is it.

A dress with lace can show off a bit of skin that peeks through the sheer part of it. If it’s too see-through for you, wear a camisole of your flesh tone underneath. Nude heels accompany creamy lace get-up very well and you should invest in a good pair because you’ll wear them all the time, trust me.

An important thing to note when you’re wearing sheer lace: Avoid a completely bare look that shows off parts best hidden. Wear appropriate undergarments or rock a pair of brown khaki shorts if the dress is too short that it resembles a top.

There’s just too many types of lace out there and they’re defined by the way the are made. A variety of it includes, the needle lace, whitework, tape lace, knotted lace, knitted lace and crocheted lace, just to list a few.

The dress above has eyelet lace detailing – The kind of lace that starts with a distinct pattern that repeats itself.

Stick with motifs that are small in size to avoid looking like you’re wearing your grandma’s dining table mat.

What about accessories and the bling bling, you ask? Well, you can wear them but try not to go over the top if your aim is to appear more traditional feminine/angelic rather than trendy. Stick with golds and silvers that add character to your lace ensemble.

Oh and please, please get the right dress that has the right cut for your body type. Sometimes we forget that while the beautiful lace dress looks stunning on the mannequin, it may not be the right cut and design for our body shape. I’ll let Chriselle Lim, one of the most amazing YouTube fashion gurus, share a marvelous practical lesson on embracing, loving and styling your own body:

What about the makeup, you say. Based on the theme of the look you achieve to aim, this can be easily decided. If you’re going for the dramatic and theatrical, bring on the bold eye makeup or intense lip color.

But for the purpose of getting that almost ethereal look while wearing lace, I only recommend wearing very little makeup or something very minimalistic: eyeliner with a flirty flick and nude/soft pink lips. Or any lip stain that is similar to your natural lip color.

Because white/light tone lace dress makes such perfect contrast for anything ‘loud’, you can of course pair it with a bold animal print handbag and black heels. It will create a more independent-woman, modern on-the-go look instead of the soft ultra feminine look you get with lighter shaded accessories.

So, what do you think of the lace fashion trend? Do you own anything lacy? Are you going to get festive this holiday season wearing lace? Tell us in the comment section below. Additional tips are grandly welcomed and appreciated!

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