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Epicpictures – Where You Looking At?

where you looking at - quiet

Just did a spontaneous one when came across the original picture (prefer not to show it here or the link because it contains nudity) :) sorry. The name of this model is Peta Todd, an English glamour model and Page Three girl. You can easily Google her name for bio.

This is actually the so called “quiet” version with little information about it – famously done as those summer movie teaser. The closed eye make this piece even more mysterious – almost criminal looking kind only much less sexy.

where you looking at

Now this is the “complete” version with the message and the un-closed eyes. I guess this is more upfront but at the same time unfortunately, it lacks the mysterious representation as the earlier one carried.

The above works are very similiar to the ones i did before -as below



So what do you think?

More of the works are showcased here – and feel free to voice out comments in there. Let us know what you think.

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