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Fashionista NOW: Christmas Dresses – Go Green In Fashion

Here’s a selection of Christmas green dresses that will hopefully inspire you in selecting the masterpiece of a gorgeous green dress to wear this year.

The asymmetric green dress makes for a very modern and classy look that is perfect  when paired with glittery gold accessories, purse and a belt with gold accents. You can always opt for a green color (for the dress) that’s suitable for your skin complexion. In the picture above, you can tell that the green color of her dress has a bit of teal tone.

And if you don’t like the usual green tone that reminds us of the green color of the grass, choose a cheerful green dress that has a yellow undertone and some floral prints as in the picture above. In the spirit of Christmas, you can include glowing red heels and purse to complete the look. This fun quirky look is great for those who would like to appear sweet and whimsical.

Another fun green look is to choose a dress that has funky prints or polka dots! Take a peek of the bottom half of a dress below:

Polka dots on Christmas? Why not!

There is pale green for those who prefer a more subtle appearance on Christmas. You can opt to wear a billowy type of dress as in the picture above with very minimal accessories.

Or you can choose to wear a soft green dress with subtle prints like this one:

You can pretend that you’re an ethereal being camouflaging yourself amongst the leafy green trees for a photo shoot! Okay, that’s corny, but still.

If you’re a lace fetish type of gal, find a green dress that has lacy details and accessorize (or not) to your liking. The color green exudes an elegant mysteriousness that is timeless. I think  it may have to do with the fact that most of nature is green. But on a serious note, wearing green symbolizes harmony and balance!

Alright, so you’re a pastel lover and can’t leave the house without wearing something pastel-y. Well, you can obviously find a pastel green dress of your liking and rock it out for the party.

In the picture above, the model is wearing a sweet teal-ish pastel-y green maxi dress with a bright pink hand purse and black heels. I believe she’s color-blocking and Christmas is a great celebration for playing with colors.

For more color block fashion ideas, please read:

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Most ladies would look good in a dark green dress as in the picture above. So, if you’re in no mood to find out the shades of green that work for your skin tone, go dark green. For an idea on how to pick a dress that will show off your curves and is perfect for your body type, please read:

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So are you excited to go green this Christmas? Or is red your first option? For an inspiration on red dresses please visit:

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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