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Fashionista NOW: Fashionable Red Dress Ideas For Christmas 2011

Christmas inspires an array of parties and dinner functions to attend that you have no choice but to look your very best.

There are just to many colours associated with the white Christmas celebration that the limitless choices will simply overwhelm you.

The two primary colours of Christmas are red and green. In this piece, we’ll go straight festive and focus on the variety of red dresses that never fails to boost the natural beauty of any hot-blooded lady.

If you’re set on going green this holiday, you may want to check out the choices of green dresses here:

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So let’s scroll down and get our creative fashion juices rolling in case you’re out of holiday fashion ideas.

If you’re looking for classic elegance: The slinky halter dress in red is the embodiment of effortless sophistication. Don’t you just love a bit of a shoulder tease? The silhouette-skimming dress is such a grand statement that you need not busy yourself with accessories. How fun is that?

Wanna wear something with an extra edge? The red dress with studded details would spice up your Christmas party look. It’s girlish and a no-fuss get-up that will instantly see you out of the house within moments and ready to glow under the mistletoe.

Beyond the topic of dresses, I just had to share this pretty outfit made up of a knitted beige sweater, a bloody red skirt, a pair of sheer tattoo tights and some really thick red heels.

If you love being extra creative and quirky, I believe that you can come up with a Christmas fun-filled look inspired by the fashion photo above.

If you love lace in everything that you wear, then you’ll love the red lace dresses above and below. All you have to wear (besides the exquisite dress) is just tons of cheer. For a much formal affair, the pencil-cut dress (below) would make a good choice. Stick with the flirty flare cut dress below for a less formal gathering.

I just love the details on this exquisite red dress. You can bet that it will look ridiculously gorgeous on any slim and slender body shapes.

This almost peachy red dress is accented by the black necklace and skinny belt. The nude heels elongate her legs without contending with the dress. Because this dress isn’t figure-hugging, the presence of the black skinny belt creates a waistline that completes the look. The pleat details add an extra oomph.

And if you love flowers, you can get a dress with floral details and an asymmetric cut as above. This dress has a bit of a fluff that’s only flattering to look on slim/thin body types.

It sort of adds a bit of meat onto the already thin body. For those with fuller body shapes, stick with dresses that accentuate your curves in the right places.

So are you ready to steal the scene this Christmas in a smokin’ hot red dress? If you are, I hope you have a blast!

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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