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Fashionista NOW: How To Pick The Perfect Dress For Your Body Type?

Dressing according to your body type is a sure way to looking your best. If you are on a path of finding a perfect dress that flatters the shape of your body, do read on.

Everyone has a distinct body type and it is very important that we use it as a measure to purchase a dress that will accentuate your existing beauty, and not belittle it.

So ladies (and men who wants to dress up get your ladies a dress that will look good), get ready for some practical insights on how to pick the perfect dress based on unique individual body type.

For pear-shaped ladies

Signature Appearance:

You have smaller shoulders, bust and waist with heavier bottom, hips and thighs.

What type of dress should you get?

Obviously you will want to get a dress that will balance out your proportions by reducing the “heavier” appearance of the bottom half and enhancing your top half. Fabrics that flow down and smooth out your shape is most desirable. Make sure the neck of your dress is in v-shape – this will attract the attention upwards and give an illusion of a longer torso.

Avoid clingy fabrics or a dress with a full skirt. Get a dress with wide-set straps instead to balance out your appearance.

For curvy-licious ladies

Signature Appearance:

You have what we call a Beyonce – meaning full bust and hips and we don’t judge if they are both artificial.

What type of dress should you get?

Well personally, with this kind of body shape, I feel the less you have on is the merrier. I’m totally kidding. With real feminine curves you could choose a dress that tones down the curvy-licious effects but not to the point you’re denying them lovely curves.

If it’s just a casual day/night out and you just want to look elegant, a toned-down look can be achieved by wearing a dress that is tailored to fit your curvy shape the best – just make sure it is not too tight that you’re flaunting unsightly bulges and not too shapeless that you’re appearing a bit larger than you are, well unless of course that is the effect that you’re aiming for.

Keep in mind that ladies with the Beyonce body type can rock a sundress or a sheath dress any day!

For boy-shaped ladies

Signature Appearance:

Obviously people can’t tell you and your guy apart because both of you have the same body shape. Jokes aside, this shape is trademarked by narrow hips, small bust and a straight shape all the way down. Do not despair ladies; just think of Keira Knightley with a few more kilograms of flesh added.

What type of dress should you get?

Focus on getting a neckline that will enhance your bust area – think halter dresses. A bias-cut dress is also great as it will create a natural fall on your boy-shaped body that will create a less angulated appearance. Also, do not forget to choose a dress that has a waistline or some detail of it in order to give an illusion of a curvy waist.

Avoid strapless shapeless dress – this will make you look like a cute piece of cardboard.

For apple-shaped ladies

Signature Appearance:

You have a wide torso – full bust, waist and upper back – that gives off a top-heavy appearance.

What type of dress should you get?

Get a dress that has an empire waist beginning under your bust as it will help to draw the attention away from the tummy. Wear v-neck dresses, to lessen the round-muffin appearance. A dress with a full skirt is also wonderful if you want to flaunt your legs.

Avoid wearing tight dresses or ones with slim skirts as it will make you look even more top-heavy than you really are, ladies!

I hope this guideline helps you and if you feel like sharing your own personal tips, I would really appreciate them. Just comment below.

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