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Fashionista NOW: Pink, Rosy And Lacy In Fashion For All Seasons

From the moment a baby girl is born, pink is the awe-inducing color of her soft tiny mittens and as she grows in age, she may be allergic to the sweet candy shade because it’s all too feminine, but often when the cloth-conscious fashion rebel gets mellow, you’ll soon see that there’s more to love with pink that is ultimately seasonless.

What I love mostly about this very feminine color (besides my undying love for the adorable animated cartoon, the Pink Panther) is that it is wearable for all ladies, regardless of age. In fact, as you age, pink (in shades that flatter your skin undertone) clothing and accessories may look even more sophisticated on you and it also usually softens your appearance. My mother particularly looks very sweet in pink!

Since you’re most probably young in age and looking for something trendy, I assure you that this fashion piece has not spiraled into a look at a granny’s taste in fashion.

This one’s for you. Especially if you are searching for ways to include pink in your wardrobe but are in doubt due to years of pretending to hate the shade. Let’s just surrender to the pinkness, shall we?

Warning: Be prepared for some real pink, rosy and lacy stuff that will make your heart go tender.

This off-shoulder frilly pink blouse is perfect for a day or night out, casual or formal. The bright pink purse creates a distinct contrast and texture to the whole outfit. I just love how the soft material of her blouse drapes around her torso, accentuating her soft female figure. I believe she’s sporting a short shorts with the blouse.

You can always blend pink’s cousin red with pink’s step-sister peachy pink. Goodness. Count how many times I’ve said ‘pink’ in the first sentence. In the picture above, you can see how the colors blend with each other creating a very youthful and innocent package. It’s playful and fun.

An accessory that is of soft pink tone, in this case, a skinny belt wrapped around the waist of a floral dress that has some pink flowers on them can turn really turn the whole look around, from whimsical to innocently sweet.

Here’s a pink-obsessed fashionista, Mayo Wo, whose got tons of outfits arranged with pink smack as their focal theme and she knows that she looks good in it too.

Wearing pink must not be obligatory just because celebs and fashion models look obscenely gorgeous in them – You must know if the color complements and flaunts you in an effortless way.

Mayo Wo, who calls herself a 28 year-old granny from Hong Kong, has pretty flushed pink skin undertone that makes her utterly angelic in any pink-shade inspired outfit.

If you’re not ready to put on a complete ensemble with the color as a central theme, try to introduce heels that are of the tone into an outfit. Who doesn’t fall in love with the sight of lady’s feet fitted in sweet candy pink heels/shoes.

I guess I’m one of the ladies who drool over other ladies who look insanely stunning in soft pink kickers. I promise you it’s not a fetish! It’s just a hobby, though.

If you’re not too keen to wear dresses in pink (yet) because well you’re trying to ease into the sweetness of baby pink, put on pink pants then. At least, you’d still look like you’d be able to kick some rear ends in a flexible high-waisted pink pants, right?

I love how dusty pink and lace can turn just about any hard-core chick into looking like a pure angel.

Without pink and the variety it brings, I promise you, fashion will never be quite the same again. Even the masculine lads are sporting shirts in the bubble-gum tone, but that’s a different topic altogether.

Shout out in the comment section, if pink’s your lucky color!

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