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Fashionista NOW: The Bird Print Trend For The Free Spirited Ones

Avian prints in fashion – What’s not to love? Read on for some fashion booster.

Bird prints have been seen decorating the clothing worn by models on runways of the spring and summer seasons. Major designers such as Marc Jacobs and Carolina Herrera have taken the bird print trend into the fashion scene this year with a more vibrant and bolder twist.

For fans who can’t go a day without sporting a printed piece or two, the bird prints will diversify their wardrobe. Compared to the brilliantly out-there animal and tribal prints, clothing adorned with bird patterns are way understated.

Being visually less intimidating than other louder prints, this trend is quick to gain attention from fashion lovers of soft prints.

Birds, symbolically, have long been associated with ‘spirituality’ or a connection to the sky. They are perceived as the bridge that connects between the supernatural plane and the physical realm. Each avian species has a unique symbolic meaning that may appeal to the wearer’s personality or her wishes. For instance, an eagle is a symbol of power and resurrection.

My favorite bird, the owl has both positive and negative symbolism. While it symbolizes death and darkness on one end, it also indicates insight and wisdom.

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Of course, one doesn’t need to be into bird symbolism to appreciate birds in general. But to know that birds have always been a source of fascination and awe to our ancestors and up to now tells us of our strong inclination to marvel at these feathered beauties. It is only predictable that the avian prints then start to build a cozy nest within the fashion world.

As per the usual rule when wearing prints, it is best to keep accessories to a minimum to allow the prints to ‘speak’ for themselves.

Below are a selection of lookbook fashionistas wearing their best bird print themed outfits. For those who want to bring out the inner free spirit and high energy through fashion, the bird print trend may just be it.

Do you own any bird prints clothing or shoes? What is so appealing about birds in fashion? Share your lines down below.

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