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Fashionista NOW: Tribal Fashion Trend 2012 For Lovers of Patterns And Prints

Tribal and Aztec prints are in this fashion season and lovers of bold patterns will find the alternative to the hyped up flora and fauna prints of yestertrends a pleasant breath of fresh air. Read on to find out how to wear the tribal prints stylishly.

Prints being a significant trend this year have seen fashionistas rocking out in their leopards, zebras or cheetah. Floral patterns have also been seen as well as various geometrical or abstract shapes on various trend-setters and even the casual aunties and uncles are wearing them loud and proud.

For fashion lovers who must always stand out in the sea of print-sporting homo sapiens, the tribal prints seem like the way to go.

So how do you wear them? Now scroll on lass.

Hannah wears her tribal top with a pair of casual shorts. She layers her top with flowy blazer that has some grey lalang-grass type of patterns. That’s a nicely done print on print for you. For a bit of texture, she pops on a long feathered necklace. A pair of platform boots to add inches and some drama.

Fashionista NOW: Style Lessons On Wearing Print On Print

A tribal print dress is a statement by itself. Earthy bangles stacked on one arm, and a lacy scarf on the crown, wavy curls cascading down her chest, Maricar’s transformation into a care-free tribal bohemian is perfect.

Mayo pairs her sequined tribal print skirt with a golden cardigan worn over a tangerine top. Her golden heels twinkle with the gold sequins of her skirt.

This very casual get-up worn by Lua is showcasing the height of simplicity and fun in fashion. The tribal print skirt stands out in the background of white and brown. It’s all about using existing colors in your tribal piece to organize and plan for the rest of your outfit.

Another easy way to amp up a very laid-back ensemble is to pair a tribal piece with a very basic piece. This is a foolproof way to rock the bold prints for those who are not too keen with wearing visually-cluttered pieces. And here’s another take of the same idea by Kendall:

Since leggings; no matter how tribal they are, aren’t pants, let’s just wear something that will cover that cute tooshie.

Neon and dessert/sorbet monochromatic colors are great contrast colors for your Aztec and tribal-inspired prints. Cue Daniela as she pairs her flowy asymmetrical peachy top with a tribal black and white skirt.

If you love wearing prints from head to toe, wear it like Kryz Uy. With a top and skirt that are both tribaltastic, she’s ready to head out for a fun day/night out. With this type of visual-loaded outfit, you can keep the accessories to a minimum. But if the thought of leaving the house without stacking on your favorite complementary bling bling, make sure that they blend easily with your scene-stealing get-up.

Note that she plays it simple with her purse and her beret, keeping them in white and black/dark blue.

Go on now, scene-steal girl..!

So how do you like the tribal prints so far? How will you wear them? The prints are definitely worth a look-out for if your wardrobe’s too full of flora and fauna prints and you’re looking for a unique twist.

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