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Fashionista NOW: Style Lessons When Attempting To Wear Print On Print

Wearing print on print is a style that can be whimsically artistic if done just right.

Instead of looking like you’ve dressed up in the dark with a wardrobe composing of a mixture of prints and patterns that clashes and undermines the whole look, by reading this article, you’ll learn how to pull a polished get-up that includes two or more prints in a manner that is pretty fashion-forward.

Pay Attention To Details

It’s quite natural to equate the idea of print mix fashion with madness when you’re only looking at bold prints and the idea of mixing and matching with another set of graphic prints seems at firs tacky. But as your eyes would have probably noticed, in the black and white print mix get-up above – it’s all about subtlety, texture, color coordination and inspiration.

Have an overall fashion theme (in this case, goth) of what you aim to pull off with a mixture of prints in your outfit but don’t lose sight of tiny details – The graphic print pants blend seamlessly with the bow print shirt as both have the same color profile. The blazer helps to pull the whole look together.

Solid Colors Are Your Best Friends

When going for a mix of prints wear, introducing solid monochromatic color(s) ensure that the end result looks effortlessly pulled together. Above, she pairs a stripey top with a floral skirt. The polka dot tights add a bit of flavor while the mustard cardigan, pink purse and turquoise green neck beads offer a touch of character that enhances the whole look.

Pay close attention to the mix of colors present in the skirt. You’ll notice that the rest of the outfit is inspired by those colors.

Stripes, Dots, Stripes All In A Look

It’s almost to easy to shake our heads at the thought of incorporating all kinds of prints under the umbrella of one outfit, but undesirable as it may seem initially, you’ll see that it can be done quite tastefully. Just make sure that the prints come in small shapes instead of big bold ones and that each piece carries at least a color type that is present in the primary print piece, in this case, the floral skirt.

Texturize While Print-Mixing

You can include a one-color piece, in this picture, a cream vest with detailing into your print on print look. The skinny belt in dark brown creates another subtle texture and an accent for your waist line. The prints (which are floral and tiny) ease seamlessly together in a very earthy feel.

All In One Mix Print Piece To Cheat

Say you’re not too keen on selecting and coordinating prints in your outfit, do not worry. You can always opt for a dress or a tunic top that comes in ready-made mixture of prints. Above, she has on a quirky blazer with a mix of leopard prints and colorful graphic shapes and plain shorts. The skinny belt creates an outline of the waist and the leopard wedges are put on to conclude the look.

The same idea can be seen in the picture below. Always make sure that each piece complements and enhances each other’s presents no matter what the prints come in.

I hope you’ll find these style tips useful and start mixing and matching prints to your own moods and rhythm. If you have any additional tips to share, please drop them in the comment section below. Have fun, ladies!

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