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Fashionista NOW: The Pleated Skirt Trend

The pleated skirt, be it a midi, mini or maxi, is a style to look out for if you’re thinking of spicing up your wardrobe. Pleats aren’t exactly a new trend as it goes back in time, even generations back that some may recall that it’s a style that their grandmamas have sported in the great olden days.

And because of that also it is understandable that we have such ambivalent feelings towards incorporating them pleated skirts into our modern outfit. Will it look modern and chic enough that our friends or loved ones will appreciate the new look instead of laughing and saying that it is a style best reserved for old ladies?

Guess what, skirts with pleats have gone through years of fashion revolution that they will enhance and add a touch of elegance into your appearance. Don’t believe me? Well let’s just roll out the eye-candies to do the talking. You’ll thank me later.

Here it goes:

Pleats create wonderful textures in your skirt that ensures an added oomph into your whole look. If you want the soft cascading details to stand out, stick with monochromatic colors. No matter how long or short the pleated skirt is, it will make you appear extra feminine and adorable.

While there’s concern that’s been raised over how one is supposed to wash a pleated skirt without washing out the pleats, it’s nothing to difficult, really.

Just select a delicate cycle option on your washing machine and skip the spin/drying part that usually is a little too strong and may cause more wrinkles especially to soft materials. Hang your skirt immediately after the wash is complete and et voila your pleats will be safe and sound.

If you’re too lazy to do it, you can always send it to a trusted laundry service, but in this economy, the trick shared above will do wonders to keep holes in your pocket from getting larger.

So tell me, do you love the pleated skirt trend? If you do, shout it out, in the comment section below.

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