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Fashionista NOW: What Do You Want To Be This Halloween?

Halloween’s just a peek around the corner and I bet you just can’t wait to let your inner demon come out to play on the only day in a year that you can shake loose all of that fashion decorum you usually adhere to and be crazy!

While I do realize that some of you may actually want to look adoringly cute or insanely sensuous (ladies, we all know that!) instead of a walking freakishly nightmare material, I do believe that the scarier looking you are the better.

Sneak a peek at some of the inspiring Halloween inspired images below, and take your pick. I hope you’ll enjoy creating the looks. Be whimsical!

Bullet In My Head

The bullet through my head look is high on my Halloween look list and I just have to add that it’s also pretty simple as you’ll only be focused on creating a bullet hole in the middle of your forehead. The rest of the outfit should be in dark colors and remain in the background.

The lovely lass in the photo is Terry G. and here’s what she said on how this look was created:

If I ever saw another girl take Halloween as an opportunity to dress up in such a “sleazy” manner, I will shoot myself… And I did. (Actually, I just had a really angry zit I had to pop that morning. Ha!) Stay classy, ladies!”

The Corpse Bride

The corpse bride is one of the more popular look that ladies are known to sport and I can see the appeal of looking pale, with ribs protruding out of a torn wedding dress. The key is to be very generous with a foundation that is way lighter than your skin color and play with a lot of black eyeliner.

The Creepy Clown

If you have an abnormal of exaggerated fear of clowns, you obviously will not be attempting to look like the stuff of your darkest nightmares and that’s good for you. For those who have no complaints about clowns except for their mindless jokes and animated made-up faces, I personally think becoming a creepy clown is one of the best looks for Halloween!

Focus hard on your lips by placing messy red lipstick like a toddler.

The Adorable Doll

The cute look is for those who in their daily lives have always looked naturally freaky. Ha Ha Ha. Just kidding. All you need is a dress that is cutesy, with ribbons and innocent patterns, a bonnet that sits in your hair the kind that babies in the old times were made to wear.

Michelle Phan has a new video on how to transform yourself into Chobits and wow, a few tricks with fake lashes and mascara, and circle lens, you’ll be looking like a doll! Check the video out below:

The Lolita

To pull off the Lolita look, make sure you have the right shoes, frilly top and dress and the trademark Lolita-esque wig so that when people look at you, they’ll know within seconds what you are. This is a look that will require a lot of work since you’ll have to choose the kind of Lolita that you wish to portray, for instance, dark and mysterious vs innocent yet devious.

The makeup needs to be porcelain perfect unless you’re going for the drifter-type of look, but usually, within the boundaries of Lolita-land, which is an exclusive fashion subculture in Japan, and especially on Halloween, the more theatrical and dramatic, the better.

The Minnie Zombie

If you love to mix characters in one look and experience pleasure at the discomfort of others who try their best to guess what in the world are you trying to portray, well, be a Minnie Zombie. Based on the picture, I think it is a mix of Minnie Mouse and Zombie. Her face looks like Gwen Stefani though, don’t you think?

The Graffiti Lurker

Now if you love to break rules and look completely Halloween material without ever trying to adopt a signature scary character’s look, by all means, wear everything that will assault and confuse people visually. They won’t mind, as it’s Halloween.

The Skeleton Bride

This comes from the idea of Corpse Bride but she made the look her own in a very minimalistic, wearable type of way. The cobweb lace veil is a crucial piece to this outfit and make sure your eyes look like they’re panda eyes and um, do something imaginative with your lips that will make people wonder if you have a mustache or just warts.

Insect On My Back

I find this look very creative. All you need is a simple black dress and the ability to transform it into a bizarre looking ensemble. Klaudia W. (the model) had sewn the details herself. How amazing and economical is that?

The Vampire

Becoming a vampire during Halloween is an affair that is almost always expected ever since the dawn of the mythos. People are simply fascinated by these nocturnal blood-sucking creatures, period.

But it’s definitely not going to make you stand out, unless you add a bit of unique charm to your look. In this photo, the dress itself just jumps out at you, don’t you think? Also, this vampire is a bit gothic, with her lips stained black instead of the usual delicious bloody red.

Harajuku Inspired Zombie Girl

Harajuku is, as most fashionistas who are aware of the daily fashion revolution that occurs in Japan, a place reeked with the scent of boundary-trashing, wild fashion rebellions. If you love the Japan street style, include it in your Halloween look. A bit of Cosplay, a lot of smeared blood and black eyeliner, you’re good to go my dear zombie!

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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