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epicpictures: been a while since the last…


Been a while since the last post, which was done before CNY 2012,

Things been up and down, plan to start a project which ports the design to another medium. Faced plenty of obstacles, still on hold but it is getting there soon. I guess some might have known what this project i was referring to. Nothing big but important enough for me as a personal milestone.

Anyways here are some of the works done after CNY


This was done in collaborations with Brendan Lee and the gorgeous and sexy Minty PawPaws (unique name i would say). This is the very first one with them, more to come as i proceed further.

Another one is censored version, which was a quick and spontaneous one but turn out rather good.

double vision (censored version)

Here is another which an attempt to portray urgency, dirt, noise and a sense of hostility. Used barely dressed lady, clothes where ripped, fleeing away from an assailant – sex offender perhaps?


I m sure some of you might have seen this kind of work in FB before, just thin black and white lines that somehow shows a figure if looked carefully

who is it?

Now this is the latest one, which is also a collaboration with Brendan Lee and Minty PawPaws. Was trying to reused an old technique which i first started out. Lights, rays, dark background, bright objects. I guess it worked out well. I have even included my initials LVN to further stamp my identity on it. This piece was actually a homage to my first work done back in 2008


golden beauty

So what do you think? Feel free to leave your thoughts below or just simply visit the page and get in touch with me

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