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Fashionista NOW: Owl Fashion Trend And Why It Is ‘Hoot’

Owls have been in and out of fashion but lately they are all you see. There is this obsession over owl jewelry and accessories that makes me wonder why these nocturnal mysterious birds are so ‘hoot’ within the fashion world.

The owl as a symbol, represents Athena, the goddess of wisdom and strategy long before the Greeks started to give the pantheon human forms. As a creature of the night, the owl lives within a dark atmosphere that is often associated with magic, mystery and ancient wisdom. The moon, which is also associated with the owl explains the fertility and femininity symbols that they have come to represent.

In the modern world, it isn’t a surprise when owls become a source of artistic inspiration revered by many. The owls have never really been out of our collective thoughts. They lurk in our subconscious and are a trigger for a wide range of emotions – from fascination, indifference to fear.

The sudden onset of owl-inspired creativity that brings these furry winged animals back into fashion is only to be expected.

My love for owls stemmed from their very poised nature as they sit in the night looking at the moon-lit world through their huge round eyes. I remember once seeing a large-sized fluffy owl as it sat on the grass on the side of the road quietly looking at the traffic late at night. Just seeing it in its solitude triggers a feeling of indescribable awe. I might just have an owl fetish syndrome, but who knows.

So when owls become an inspiration within the fashion world, they exude an effortless magnetic charm that can’t be ignored by the female species. We are completely hypnotized by them.

Scroll down below to see how contagious the owl’s influence has become that they are spotted on rings, bangles, pendants, necklaces, headbands, shirts, bags and purses of fashionable ladies from all over the world.

Owl Necklaces



Owl Rings




Owl Bags And Purses




Owl Motifs On Shirts And Blouses


Owl Headband

Owl Bangle

Genuine Owl As Your Arm Candy

As a true owl-enthusiast, I shall end this piece with a video of an owl that’s enjoying his/her head massage along with other owls making cute faces in the background. Watching the video will trigger a need for an owl pet to cherish and cuddle with do be warned!

Whether they are in fashion or in nature, I just love them. What about you? Do you give a hoot? Has the owl fashion trend reached a point where you consider it overrated? Kindly hoot…oops I mean, shoot your comments down below.

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6 comments to Fashionista NOW: Owl Fashion Trend And Why It Is ‘Hoot’

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  • Mary Kate Thompson

    Being an owl enthusiast myself, I really enjoyed reading this article. However, I would just like to point out that the owl in the video is not a ‘baby’, but actually an adult. A spotted owlet to be precise. Despite having ‘owlet’ in it’s name does not imply that it’s juvenile, it actually just refers to its small size. Often times small species of owls are mistaken as babies but the way you can tell is by looking at their feathers. Young owls typically have very fluffy feathers that keep them warm as they develop. Eventually as they grow, owls develop proper flight feathers as they reach maturity.

    Here’s more info on the spotted owlet:

    Other than that I really loved reading this article! :)

    • Thank you for the info, Mary! I’ve made the necessary correction and learned something new, today. Spotted owls are quite a sight, beautiful birds of prey, they are. Thank you for liking this post, by the way. Owl lovers unite, hehe! :D xx

      • Mary Kate Thompson

        Thank you for keeping an open mind! I agree, owls definetly are very beautiful birds of prey,
        they come in all shapes and sizes. On that note, owl lovers unite! :)

  • Nicole Webb

    Aside from the powerful symbolism of owls, that of fertility, & magic, they are Very unaesthetically pleasing to me, but “beauty IS in the eye of the beholder”. ????

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