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Fashionista NOW: Hot & Checkered

What is it with the checkered shirts and tops that make them so wearable this season? We’ll take a look at why this is so if you can survive my yammering.

Only a few months back, the spotlight was on the plaid trend. These days, both of these trends seem to be thrown in together in the way how some people tend to lump the inverted ‘V’ patterns a.k.a the chevron trend with the tribal trend.

Checks and plaids have fallen under one giant roof of a category. If people feel that there’s a slight difference, they are often too distracted by other people’s Pinterest boards to even find time to Google anymore.

But nevermind, this article will summarize the distinctions between plaid and your typical checkered design in a short breezy line. You are most welcome!

Knowing this slight dissimilarity between the two trends will not save the world, but it may be useful in times when the need to geek out and annoy your friends arises as they confuse the two patterns like the vast majority of the clueless and plugged in.

Don’t you just feel superior knowing that you, of all people, know that plaid isn’t the same as checkered patterns? How seriously amazing is that?

The reason why these checkered pieces are great for the chilly and rainy tropical season and Autumn is that they seem blendable into a formal or casual look. You can layer your checkered top underneath a coat or sweater if it’s chilly, or under a cardigan, for a more tropical-weather-appropriate look.

However you choose to wear the prints, they’re the picture of laid-back-ness that just fits with sleepy November and no one thinks a second about the presence of squares in an outfit, so you get to be fashionable in a wallflower-esque sort of way too.

Anyway, here are some of the hot and checkered looks worn by fashion enthusiastic ladies of the lookbook realm for your fashion inspiration.

If you find the selection of fashion imagery here mingles both plaids and checkered prints together, please note that it is done for the purpose of testing you fashion savvy folks with the aim being to acknowledge that you lot are indeed mind-blowingly clever!

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