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Fashionista NOW: The Flatform Shoe Trend

Flatform shoes are what you get when flats get too cozy with platforms. A celebrated trend of 2011, these shoes are making a quiet comeback among those who welcome any added height minus the pain factor of tiptoeing around.

A style that is focused on comfort, these shoes are still winning the hearts of many, albeit in a slow and steady manner.

From flatform sandals to flatform sneakers, you will find every other shoe type out there has been given this added inches in a design that is peculiarly platform-esque minus the over-the-top element in the spirit of appealing to the crowd that places comfort, practicality and quirky in-your-face look above the so-called lady-like daintiness of walking on toes in the usual wedges and heels.

While some fashion experts nod and agree that the design is clever and modern, we should all take into perspective that these flatforms aren’t made to look good on just about anyone. While it would do justice on a pair of youthful legs that are proportional and long; on fuller shapes, these will add bulkiness when you don’t particularly have a need for it at all.

So think twice as you give these flatform shoes a try and never purchase anything without taking your own figure into consideration. If it looks good on a model of your size it may look good on you but it doesn’t guarantee that you’d feel good in them.

For a look on how flatforms are to be worn at their best, scroll on to the images of a selected lookbookers who we find are rocking them just fine.

PS: Okay, so wearing flatforms with socks may not be the best way to sport the trend, but we’ll give Miss Mayo a pass simply because…we can. :)

Tell us what your thoughts are about this shoe trend and in your opinion, which of these lookbookers wear it best? We’d love to hear from you so do please shoot your lines below. Thanks!

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