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Fashionista NOW: The Checkered Pattern Checks Right In Fashion

Checkered fashion is in. But wait, what is checkered fashion? It literally is a fashion that is centered upon checkered patterns whether they are on the shoes, shirts, blouses, skirts, pants, leggings, accessories.

Well, think about the black and white checkerboard, yes that’s it. Based on the observation of a secret fashion police (that I have recruited) who have been observing the style of young people, it is quite evident that many college students are sporting this look, in our corner of the world.

Are you one of the checkered fashion lovers? If you haven’t already filled up your wardrobe with checkered stuffs, perhaps this piece will give you a nudge in that direction. Let us look at a tiny bit of history of this fashion.

The Checkered Pattern Has Been in the Fashion Scene Since the Past Three Decades.

Yes, it has been quite a while. I’m sure if you take the time to ask your parents about the history, they might surprise you that even they themselves have experimented with the style. It is definitely a thing of the past that have made a come back with the intention to stay. The picture below signifies the nostalgic and the modern touches of checkered style in fashion.

The Checkered Pattern Bloomed Around the Same Time Pop/Punk Music Genre Was the Hype.

Back in the ‘70s, in England when a certain music genre which was called the ‘2 Tone’ – a blend of pop, ska and punk – was popular, the checkered pattern was made to be a symbol for the music movement by musician Jerry Dammers. Basically, music strengthens this fashion and makes it an overnight fashion style overnight.

Checks Became Part of Mainstream Fashion Thanks to The Rise of Popular Music of the ‘90s.

No Doubt – the band led by Gwen Stefani – and Avril Lavigne were two musical bombs that actually made the checkered style a part of mainstream fashion. Before you can blink twice, the streets are filled with young people of all backgrounds uniting under the fashion code of checks. You could say by then, the style left its strong mark in the minds of fashion followers enough to stay a part of a hip fashion for years to come.

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