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Fashionista NOW: How To Rock The Checkered Style The Best Way?

Since the return of checkered pattern in fashion, especially among the young crowds, there are so many ways that even the most fashion-informed person can commit the most horrendous fashion acts without actually realizing it.

An example of a checks expert person is the ska person – someone who’s into the music genre that came from Jamaica in the late 50s which influenced the birth of reggae and rocksteady) – as he or she will at least own a single checkered item of fashion.

Aside from all fashion/music oriented people, the mere average mortal may be more clueless than a green frog waiting for rain. And this includes your uncle, aunt, niece or grandma – the ones who might also be in the mood to rock the checkered style of the yesteryears but are not quite sure if they know how.

As an instant solution, we present to you this article which is best shared with everybody in your family and extended family too, just to keep them in style when wearing checks.

Point 1: Never EVER wear head-to-toe checks!

Checkered style is great if you make an effort to keep it simple – wear one or two strategic checkered items. Do not for a second think that being fully-coated head-to-toe in checkered tights, with checkered shoes and a freaking checkered shirt screams something grand about your fashion sense. You might be having a delusion of grandeur instead. The dizzying variety of checkered pattern effect will only spell Hell to the onlookers! Yep. And you don’t want that. Ever.

Point 2: Do not wear checkered shirts with checkered ties!

One of the most common fashion faux pas seen in men is wearing checkered shirts with checkered ties. They think wearing a mix of both is something that will make the ladies nod in agreement with their supertasteful sense of fashion, and fall head over heels in love.

I can assure you that unless you are Johnny Depp, don’t ever think that. Mr. Depp can be wearing a gunny sack and still look good and be amazingly the most drop-dead looking man in the universe! Okay, where was I. The point is, those two do not mix as you have to leave one item in a solid color.

Point 3: Don’t underestimate checkered accessories and don’t overdo them either.

You can be wearing something that is casual, say a black shirt with plain blue jeans and spice up the whole look by wearing a checkered cap or a checkered scarf or a pair of checkered shoes. But not all at the same time. The key here is to keep it tasteful, my ladies! It all goes back to point number 1, really.

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