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Fashionista NOW: Fancy Artsy Belts Are IN

Historically, belts are created and worn out of necessity as they were made for practical reasons – obviously to pull your pants up. There was nothing glamorous about it.

Nowadays, the belts that you see in stores are like glittered snakes! I mean, there are so many kinds of belts of so many different styles – leather ones, buckle types, elastic cinch belts, studded belts, wide belts and ribbon belts and gaga belts (the last one I just made up!) and the list just goes on.

Here in this piece, we shall take a look at the characteristics of belts that are so back in fashion.

Functional and Trendy

In the fashion world today, belts are one of the most useful and hip fashion accessories. They are fashionable and at the same time functional (amazing huh!) While many young fashion-conscious people look for belts primarily to flaunt their unique fashion taste, there are many others who are just adorning them for the most obvious practical reason – to prevent the pants from falling off.

Uniqueness based on distinct types

Leather belt – They never go out of style. Why? Because they’re classy and they don’t scream attention-seeker! For men, there are thin and thick leather belts with a metal buckle. Women’s leather belt can be worn either as a hip or waist accessory. Patterned leather belts are great if you want to add some spice but still appear not too over the top.

Buckle belt

These days, buckle belts are making a comeback in the young fashion-loving crowd. The fancy artsy buckles are made of metal with colour tones such as gold, copper, silver and bronze. The buckle shapes can be square, oval or round. These days you can find just about any shape you like!

Elastic Cinch belt

It can be wide or thin with a metal fastener instead of the usual notches and holes – are easy to put on, and if you’re especially the lazy kind, this kind of belt is truly heaven-sent. The can come in stripes or just about any coloured designs that will give even the most casual wear a pop!

Studded belt

They Add Drama To Any Outfit

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