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Fashionista NOW: The Balance Between Style & Fashion

The difference between fashion and style lies in their distinct definitions. When you see the clothes on a person, you see fashion. When you see the person – the wearer of the clothes – you see style.

So, a well balanced link between both fashion and style can be very important if you do not only want to look good, but feel like your clothes act as an expression of your inner self and not an outer shell that is disconnected or at odds with your self as a person.

Fashion is always about clothes and the association it has with the time they are being displayed. Style is always about the individual, the you and your relationship with your self – thus it is timeless.

Following a trend or fad that the fashion world regurgitates blindly is no fun. You are missing out the joy of cultivating you own style you’re most comfortable with.

Ideally you want your style to reflects your personality and the kind of person you are. Sometimes, it can be just a creative expression that changes from season to season.

For those who are passionate about self expression through appearance, giving the control over to fashion makeovers – where the role for translating your own style and fashion has been dumped on a complete stranger – is akin to stifling your own self-creativity.

On the grounds of fashion and freedom, the way you appear on the outside – what you wear – and the person you are on the inside should be a reflection of one another.

Give your style a chance to grow and wear whatever you want and see the difference.

The fashion world can make you puppets on an obsessive roll keeping up with whatever it is ‘on trend’ and purchasing stuff that you don’t actually need just to feel like you’re a part of the “in” crowd.

Fashion in itself is plastic and dead – but it’s up to you to breathe life into it.

“The fashion industry manufactures more than clothing. It manufactures principles. It tells you not what to wear, but what to want to wear. When one wears clothes because they are ‘in fashion,’ the principle from which one deliberates is from outside oneself. Others have done the thinking. How can you be free when you let the masses tell you what to wear?”Arthur Windermere

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