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Fashionista NOW: Why Ladies Love Short Dresses?

Short/mini dresses are back! Oops wait, I don’t think they ever left the fashion scene. In this article we shall look at the reasons that make the ladies go gaga over short dresses.

Short dresses go way back in time and if I am not mistaken the trend started off with the introduction of the ever oh so famous little black dress in the 1920s. Before that era, any kind of black clothing was reserved for the mourning periods.

Nowadays, in the wardrobe of every woman you’d be shocked not to find at least one hot tiny black dress.

Not only black tiny dresses, today we are presented with such a broad array of colours, patterns and designs to choose from which are making shopping for a short dress an adventure in itself.

They accentuate your figure

A tiny dress – if worn suitably according your body type – can draw the attention to the length of your legs and the shoes or sandals that you wear. In my humblest opinion, the short dresses are particularly designed to show off the lower part of your body (well..obviously,genius!) and hairless legs are especially needed for wearing them.


I would never step out in public wearing a short dress and hairs to go, but I know some of you ladies don’t mind that at all, which brings us to another point – I think hairy legs are funny to look at.

Aha, back to the subject of short dresses..

They’re a no-fuss to put on

Who wants to deal with putting on a shirt and then some pants or a skirt when you are in a rush. A short dress doesn’t require any fuss. You put it on and you’re good to go. Well of course you wear those things underneath – doesn’t common sense work anymore?

Perfect for a girls’ night/day out

Guys love them short dresses too

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