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Fashionista Now: Bohemian Fashion Shall Stay Forever

According to the Urban Dictionary, a bohemian is a person who “leads an alternative lifestyles” with wide arrange of different tastes in music, fashion, art and literature. They are usually creative, optimistic people who can be “cynical”. Another definition includes that “without Bohemians, the world would be a complete bore”.

In the fashion world, the state of mind of a bohemian is transferred into styles that people who love to adorn through clothing, accessories, shoes of many color mixtures. Take a look at this picture, and you’ll see that the mixture of many colors is a trademark.

The mixture of colors and patterns is a bohemian trademark, but attitude is key.

Bohemian fashion is not just about adorning clothes of wild colors and patterns. It reflects a mental state that thrives on the unconventional. Although it is easy to copy a fashion, it’s nearly impossible to copy a way of thinking.

Warning: The picture within the link acts only to convey this message, and viewers are advised to practice discretion. Meet Brother Sharp!

Apparently, he is the most famous Chinese beggar on the internet that has a natural bohemian inclination, but is not aware of it yet.

Talking about natural homeless-man style, I feel hobo is a style too, if you really come to think of it (no offense to all hobos, peace…I love you!). Beads as accessories are commonly used within the fashion frame of going hobo, oops I mean boho.

You could also add boho-inspired belt, straw hat, scarf and a whole lot other things. But bohemian energy needs to come from within!

It is pretty hot here in Malaysia, but true bohemians don’t really give a hoot about the weather eh? Maybe the scarf comes with free-air-con, who knows.

A world devoid of bohemian-inclined (free-spirited) people would indeed be boring. Just imagine a world where people conform to the only standard of fashion and never really experiment. It’s enough to put you to sleep, right?

Now last but not least, based on my self-study of the bohemian look, it always goes back to nature. The vibrant colors of blues, greens, purples and browns seem to blend in with our beautiful world. Check out this chick going nuts oops I mean boho in the woods.

The elements of nature blend in well with bohemian colors of reds, blues and purples.

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