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Fashionista NOW: Chevron Prints In Fashion – The Fun Alternative To Stripes

Chevron prints are back in fashion. The parallel zigzags are set to turn a simple neutral outfit around.

The pattern which is defined by a zigzagging of an inverted ‘v’ brings a new twist and a fun factor to the standard straight lines.

Perusing pinterest boards, you will come across endless chevron patterns that decorate interior home walls, couches, throw rugs, men’s swimming trunks, baby’s clothing and more. There is something timeless about chevron stripes that is confirmed by the patterns’ all-round usage and eternal staying power.

The history of chevron can be traced back as early as 1800 BC, where it was used as designs that decorated pottery and rock carvings in Greece.

Being a versatile design, the chevron patterns are embraced in fashion as well. Coming off as very visually-simple, it also offers a certain contrasting boldness depending on the thickness, intricacy and color of the prints. Angular lines of the chevron can be quite slimming as they can narrow down broad areas of your body.

Today, chevrons are seen on shoes, skirts, tops, dresses and jewelry in various colors and style.

Joining in the popular ranks of other bold prints such as polka dots and stripes, it is only a matter of time before the chevron trend starts leaving its mark in your closet. The wavelike lines cast off a gentle retro vibe that are appealing to those with 70s fashion inclination.

For a look at how you can wear chevron, please scroll down to view the selection of fashionistas clad in chevron themed outfits.

What do you think of the chevron fashion trend? Are angular lines appealing to most body types as they’ve been stated to be? How do you wear chevron prints? Do you wear them with other bold printed pieces or do you keep it simple and minimal? Share your ideas, tips and fashion wisdom below.

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