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Fashionista NOW: Simple Back To Basics Fashion Ideas With Loose Collared Blouse

A collared blouse with a loose silhouette and long sleeves is surely the most basic style staple in every female’s wardbrobe. I call it the no-fuss piece of garment.

It can be incorporated easily into a formal, semi-formal or completely casual ensemble that it is the safest and quietly stylish garment that compliments just about anything, from a skirt, shorts, skinny jeans to bell bottoms.

There are days where we just can’t be bothered to put on so-called statement-grabbing garments that are on-trend. And on these more laid-back periods of a fashionista’s life, the long sleeved slouchy blouse that is in a soft or neutral monochromatic shade becomes a wonderful welcome.

Dressing it up or down is rather easy as it is such a basic piece. You can pair it with just about anything. It works amazingly well tucked in under a pencil skirt or paired whimsically with a pair of ragged denim shorts for a more fun casual look.

Whatever it is that you choose to pair it with, the simple button down blouse is able to exude its complementary effect leaving you free to take your time with other aspects of your pre-going-out routine.

Below are a some back to basics fashion inspiration on how to wear the loose collared blouse. No need to head out to make a new purchase when these slouchy blouses may already be stacking in your closet.

What do you think of basic collared blouses for women? Do you like the less structured and more relaxed look that these blouses are known for? I know I just love how very practical and minimalistic they are. What about you? Shoot your thoughts down below.

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