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Fashionista NOW: How To Look Amazing Wearing Print On Print?

Learn how to nail subtle sophistication with the print on print trend.

Do you know why some of us aren’t that eager to wear mix printed pieces? Besides the fact that we don’t belong to the tribe of daring fashionistas who can look and feel good clad in a mixture of bold leopard and tribal prints, we are visually-allergic to a loud graphic display of patterns in our clothing.

The real mistake may in fact lies in our myopic view of the print on print fashion trend.

Last year, in the piece where I detailed some basic tips or style lessons on mixing prints, it might seem as though the trend was made for those who were in love with loud graphic patterns. In truth, those who’d prefer a more subtler take on the trend can make it their own too.

Our local boutiques are not only flooded by an array of strikingly graphic printed clothing, they are also filled to the brim with understated prints as well.

There’s a way that we, mere mortals, can sport the print on print trend without looking like we’ve been swallowed up by a vortex of dizzying patterns, textures and colors.

For today’s fashion inspiration, you will find that it is possible to wear print on print without looking like you’ve gotten fashion tips from the bag lady. Remember that not all print on print outfits need to go all over the top. It depends on your preference.

Just pair a muted printed piece of your choice with another contrasting printed piece that is also gentle on the eyes. Think of tiny polka dots mix with very thin stripes. Soft floral patterned top with a subdued bird print skirt. Choose these pieces in colors that blend seamlessly with one another for a polished finish.

Check out the fashion photos below for some ideas on how you can mix printed pieces together to deliver a stylishly understated fashion statement.

Do you find these print on print combinations eye-catching? Are you inspired to pair contrasting prints and give your wardrobe a creative fashion boost? Do you prefer to go all out with mixing prints or to keep it as simple as possible?
Share your say down below.

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