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Fashionista NOW: Plaid It Up ~ Fashion Trend For The Rebels

Among the young and trendy, wearing plaids is just something they do. But hey, plaid is back again this time as a much anticipated Autumn pattern which you’ll be seeing so you can hop in the fashion wagon as well.

So how does one include plaids into the wardrobe?

According to Fashionising, red and black checks are best left in 2009/2010.

This year, experiment with plaids in various different fabrics and color themes. Plaid patterned piece gives a neutral wardrobe a bit of something to hold the look together.

For some people, wearing plaids are appealing as it reflects a certain musical inclination. Others just wear the lines and squares because they find them practically easy to sport as they bring a bit of a retro preppy element while still being quite modern and relevant.

Loose plaid button-up is a perfect layering piece and depending on your personal style, can be made to look really polish or messy and edgy instead.

Mixing plaid with other prints is doable as long as the you allow one of the pieces stand out visually. For example, if your plaid piece is bold, make sure the other piece carries subtler prints to stop you from looking like you’re heading out to start a circus show.

There’s a history of rebellion when it comes to plaid fashion, so don’t be afraid to customize your plaid look so that it oozes with your signature personal style.

Let these fashionable lookbookers show you how to wear plaids.

Do you remember wearing your first plaid? Are you a plaid shirt hoarder? Don’t be shy, tell us below.

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